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This webpage page will be the main source of information about the build for everyone who is interested. We will update as and when there is any news and photographs.

Clearwater Drive Site (Our Permanent Site)

23rd April 2019

Keir, our builder, have confirmed that
– the fencing works will begin on the 1st May 2019 for an approximate duration of 3 days
– ecology mitigation works will begin on the 7th May 2019 for a duration of 11 weeks.

The ecologist has helpfully provided the following information:
“A population of slow-worms was recorded during the protected species surveys of the site. Slow-worms are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 from killing or injury which could occur during construction without any mitigation. Therefore, to protect the slow-worms we are translocating them off the construction site using current best practice guidelines (Reptile Mitigation Guidelines, Natural England Technical Information Note 102), an approach approved by Gloucester City Council. This involves installing a reptile-proof fence around the site boundary and placing refugia on the ground. Slow-worms are cold-blooded, so they are attracted to refugia as they retain heat and provide good basking habitat. Every morning a suitably qualified and experienced ecologist will walk around the site collecting slow-worms and placing them in a cloth bag. After all the refugia have been checked, the age and sex of each captured slow-worm will be recorded, and they will be released in to suitable habitat north of the site.

The fence will remain intact for the duration of construction to prevent any slow-worms re-entering the site. The scheme has been designed to include replacement habitat for slow-worms on site including new wild areas within the school grounds and large hibernacula that would allow large numbers of slow-worms, as well as amphibians and small mammals, to reside throughout the year.”

1st April 2019

Following the permission to build from the planning inspector, here is an update on what will happen next.

Phase 1 – this will be the preparation of the site and this will begin in the next 2 or 3 weeks. The site will be fenced off by Heras fencing to enable the ecology mitigation work to be safely completed. A low reptile / ecology barrier will be placed inside the site to ensure that slow worms are translocated safely. Vegetation will be removed and an ecologist will oversee this with regard to any nesting.

Phase 2 – the build itself is due to commence on site in early summer. Once the start date is confirmed Kier (our builder) will communicate with the most local residents to keep them appropriately informed.

25th January 2019

The ESFA have advised that there will be some immediate work starting on the ecology of the site.

The building work is due to begin around June/July time.

11th January 2019

We are delighted to inform you that following the Public Inquiry, planning permission has been granted for Clearwater C of E Primary Academy to be built on the Clearwater Drive site.

Unit 4 Olympus Park (Our Temporary Site)

10th January 2019

We have received the internal plans for the changes that will be made to our new temporary accommodation at Olympus Park. Please take a look here: Olympus Park Internal Plan