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Please have a look at what we will be learning about this term: Year 1 Spring Curriculum Map

24th January 2020

January is almost over and we are half way through this half term ALREADY! Where is the time going?!

Year one have had a few weeks of narrative writing and we have finally began to write our very own stories! They have designed their own characters and listed adjectives for them. Next week we will be writing our character and setting descriptions, as well as making story maps…another buy week!

I have been blown away with Year 1’s drawing skills which we have been developing over the last 3 weeks. We have been doing observational drawings of Christopher Columbus and the final drafts are amazing!

Our boats have been constructed in DT and next week we will move onto papier-mache…prepare to get messy!

In science we are looking at animals, pets and how to look after them. We have focused on dogs and fish and later we will make comparisons between their habitats and how to care for them. We may be having a little sausage friend coming in to test our ‘caring for animals’ learning, later this term!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekends.

17th January 2020

A lovely week in Year 1, despite all this rain!

Firstly, thank you for all the junk modelling materials.

Another productive week in Literacy…we have made our own story maps of ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and we are learning our own version of the story, packed with story language, character descriptions, setting descriptions, all in preparation for writing a story re-tell. Following this, the children will use everything they have learned over the last couple of weeks and to write and illustrate their own stories!

In Maths we have been building our skills of addition and learning how to put the biggest number in our head and then counting on to work out the answer. Please help your child at home become more confident in counting on (or backwards) from any given number.
I use this interactive 100 square to choose the number we start counting on from!

In art we have been exploring different tones/shades of colours, we have been practising our drawing skills of people, by looking more closely at what we are drawing; drawing what we actually see, rather than what we think we see! It was brilliant to see the children’s improvements on their second attempts.

In History we have been recapping our learning of Christopher Columbus and have begun to make timelines of his life. We have also started to discuss more deeply, about whether his ‘discoveries’ were such a good thing- some interesting opinions!

Have a fab weekend- let’s hope for less rain!

10th January 2020

Welcome back to 2020 and a very happy new year to you all!

It has been lovely hearing about everyone’s Christmas- by the sounds of it, all of Year 1 have had a fantastic break.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at narrative writing in our literacy learning and we will be using our focus text to support this- The snail and the whale. The first skill we are cracking is using adjectives in our writing and we have practised doing this by writing character and setting descriptions.

In phonics we have been learning some new graphemes but also practising some old ones;
Ee (sheep), e-e (these), ea (cream)
Ay (play), ai (paint), a-e (game)
Oi (coin), oy (toy)
Igh (night), i-e (kite), ie (tie)
It would be brilliant if you could continue to practise these with your child at home too- thank you.

In Maths we have been learning how to tell the time at the o’clock and half past. Despite this being very tricky to learn, the children have loved it and picked it up rather quickly! We have also been learning about different ways of measuring time- days of the week, months of the year, years, use of sand timers and much more!

In art we have been exploring colour and finding out the millions of shades of one colour you can create. We have been talking about shades of colour in pieces of art work using the correct language- shade, pale, dark, light, pastel etc. We are also practising our sketching/drawing skills, which will be ongoing throughout this term.

In PE this term we are doing dance. We are focusing on animal movements to music. We will put these movements together eventually, to create a routine. It’s looking good so far!

Thank you, Year 1, for a fabulous first week back. Bring on next week.

20th December 2019

Well what a lovely final week before the Christmas holidays!

Year 1 have had lots of festive fun making Christmas cards, tree decorations, clay snowmen, snowmen biscuits and even their own snow-globes! On top of this we have had Christmas dinner, a whole school Christmas party AND two I sing pop concerts AND Year 1 wrote THE BEST Big Write letters to Santa…and the children are STILL full of beans- excited for the big man to deliver their presents in a few days’ time.

Can I just say a huge thank you to all of Year 1 for working so hard this term- I am super proud of you.

Thank you for the wonderful cards and kind gifts.

Have the most magical Christmas and I’ll look forward to seeing you in 2020!


13th December 2019

Now only 1 more week to go and then its CHRISTMAAAAS!!

Year 1 have had lots of quizzes this week but do not fear, there has still been plenty of Christmas cheer!

With some help from our lovely parent helper, we did a basic running stitch to sew our own Christmas tree decorations and they look fab!

We have learned some moulding techniques such as pinching and twisting to make our own 3D snowmen models- we will be painting these next week.

In RE we have been learning why Christmas is such a special time for Christians, which we will continue to find out about next week.

Lots of ‘I sing pop’ practise this week- the children cannot wait to perform to you next week!

Looking forward to an extra festive final week filled with Christmas parties, festive films and some crimbo crafts.

Have a lovely weekend.

6th December 2019

What a festive week we have had in year 1! The class is decorated, we have a new Christmas area and the children have done some lovely festive art work to brighten the classroom even more!

This week we were outraged when Darcie found a picture in her morning book of Mrs Moss’ office trashed! It was Smarty Party Pants!! In our outrage we wrote sentences using exclamation marks. We imaged our classroom had been trashed and what we might say.

In phonics we’ve learned some new graphemes- u-e and o-e. Please practise these with your child at home.

In maths we have moved onto partitioning 2-digit numbers, then adding multiples of 10’s. The children were ace at this- what fabulous mathematicians!

We have been looking at our wonderful world again and finding out the names of the world’s 5 oceans. We couldn’t believe the world has more water than land! We have started learning a song to help us remember the oceans names and some facts about them. We have also revisited human and physical features this week and went on a walk just outside of school with Year 2, to identify what sort of area we live in. We found that we are surrounded mostly by human features. We took pictures to remind us and discussed these back at school.

We have also been talked about our world in RE. We discussed why God rested on the 7th day of creation, why it is important to rest and how we can look after our bodies. The children had lots of talking time for this and we came up with some important and useful ideas. Year 1 have really impressed me with their discussion skills this week and they are really listening carefully to what others in their talk group are saying.

In art we have done potato printing of snowmen- we were inspired from our focus reading text- ‘The Snowman’. We made our boat mock ups using our chosen material and then carried out a simple test. We found that some materials were too heavy or absorbent, some did float but they couldn’t carry too much weight- some very interesting findings! We looked back at our predictions to see if they matched the test outcomes and then we wrote our own conclusions. Super scientists Year 1!

In between all of this, we have been cramming in some ‘I sing pop’ practise and the children are sounding fab!

Bring on 2 more weeks of festive fun!

29th November 2019

What a fun week in Year 1!

An exciting Monday kick started our week when Megan discovered an Elf door…and our suspicions were correct- Smarty Party Pants is back! So I am sure there will be lots of mischief going on in Year 1 over the next few weeks.n Literacy we have been learning the skill of how to use a question mark. This was almost unbelievably brilliant timing, as everyone wanted to write questions to the elf.

In phonics we have learned 3 new graphemes; ay, oy, a-e, …………..Please practise these with your child at home- thank you.

In maths we have built upon our addition learning and are now using a range of strategies to add different numbers. This learning will continue next week where we will be partitioning 2-digit numbers!

This week we have been exploring mixing colour to make new ones. We have learned about the primary colours and how you can mix these to make secondary colours. More art to come next week!

Some excellent discussions this week based around our learning in History- some fab historical vocab used! After our discussions, we then wrote our own fact files about Christopher Columbus.

Another wonderful Friday today with our ‘I sing pop’ practise, PE with our sports coaches followed by an afternoon decorating our classroom ready for the 1st of December! It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!

Have a festive weekend putting up those trees. See you Monday…I wonder what Smarty Party Pants gets up to over the weekend Year 1…

22nd November 2019

What a fantastic week we have had and lots going on too!

We have continued our Geography learning looking at the worlds 7 continents- we have been practising recognising world maps and naming and identifying the continents. We have learned a little song to help us remember the names of them! Soon we will begin finding out about the worlds 5 oceans…and shock…we have another song to help us remember these too!

We have had lots of discussions about how to keep safe when we are near or crossing roads and this learning has filtered into our writing this week where we have been practising the skill of using capital letters for names, places, week days and I. We loved our road safety afternoon and had lots of fun learning with Reception and Year 2.

In pairs, Year 1 used their art skills to create collages for each day of creation in the Christian creation story. The children were excellent at selecting appropriate materials to create different textures.

In maths we have continued to look at 3D shapes (cube, square based pyramid and sphere) and we have also done a bit of subtraction…but now moving onto bigger numbers! We have begun looking at how to write numerals as words- please practise with your child using the spellings from this week’s homework- thank you.

Finally, what a jam-packed Friday we had today! Not only did we have PE with our sports coaches but we also had our first ‘I sing pop’ session and it was SO much fun! What beautiful singing voices and some impressive dance moves- I think you’re in for a festive treat indeed!!

Have a lovely weekend and bring on Week 4!

15th November 2019

Week 2 down already but lots packed in for Year 1 this week.

In Literacy we have been practising using the conjunction ‘and’ in a sentence. We have been writing about Remembrance Day and the meaning of the poppy and the Hindu celebration- Diwali.

In Maths we have been magician mathematicians! We have blown up 2D shapes into 3D shapes and explored cubes, pyramids and spheres so far! We have been practising using mathematical words to talk about the shapes properties and we will continue exploring 3D shape for part of next week.

In art we used water colours and pastels to create beautiful poppy filled landscapes. The water colours were very tricky to use but Year 1 did a super job.

After learning about Christopher Columbus, Year 1 have decided that they too would like to become little explorers! So we have designed our own boats. Before we make our boats, we thought it would be sensible to think about what material would be best to use. On Wednesday afternoon, the children designed their own boat and wrote a prediction and how they were going to test this. We are looking forward to testing our predictions next week and making a mock-up of our boats!

In RE we have started our new focus question- Who created the world?

We discussed this as a class and then explored this questions from a Christian point of view, therefore we looked at the Christian creation story. To help us remember this we have made story maps and have started to make a class collage, in pairs, of each day of creation.

Hoping for a drier week next week! Have a lovely weekend.

8th November 2019

What a lovely first week back in Year 1; including our first Year 1 class trip to Gloucester waterways museum! We had such a fun time and it really linked brilliantly to what we have been learning about in school. A huge thank you to all our parent helpers that day.

This week we have been busy learning lots of new things!

We have learned about the Hindu celebration- Diwali; the story behind the celebration and how Hindu families celebrate it.

We have learned the story of The Gunpowder Plot and why we have bonfire/fireworks night on the 5th of November.

In Geography we have started to learn the worlds 7 continents and navigate them on a map. Following this, we have started to find out about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus!

What a busy first week back with lots of learning crammed in! Looking forward to digging deeper into this learning next week!

25th October 2019

What a fabulous way to end our first half term in Year 1, with their amazing WOW assembly! Once again, I have been left feeling incredibly proud of Year 1’s confidence, maturity and enthusiasm that has grown so much already. What a lovely way to celebrate everything they have learned and achieved this term- bring on the next half! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it. Oh…and there was definitely NO CAKE afterwards 😉

Alongside the assembly practise, we have been re-writing the story of the Gingerbread man, focusing on our key skills this term.

We have begun to make moving mechanism canal boat pictures in Art and DT which are coming along nicely- we will keep you updated.

We have also begun to make maps of Gloucester, including the landmarks we have already learned about.

A little note…
I have collected everyone’s homework folders in- no homework over half term! This will start back up the first week back, as well as spellings 🙂

Well done to our winners of our reading challenge- remember the challenge will continue next term. Please can I remind you, to be awarded a sticker, your child must have read at least 3 times from the day they change their books in the 7 days that follow. All children either change books on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have the most wonderful week off and I’ll look forward to seeing you recharged and ready to goooo!

18th October 2019

Only one more week to go now till we can all have a little rest; and my goodness, these Year 1’s deserve it! They have done their fist ever Year 1 Big Write (where they write completely independently) and they are AMAZING!! I am still beaming with pride! Everyone demonstrated their knowledge of the key skills we have looked at this term by applying them correctly in their writing.

In Geography this week we have continued to look at human and physical features and did some comparisons of town and countryside. We also took a closer look around the school and made our own maps! We talked about drawing from a Birdseye view and looked at examples of what this could look like. We discussed the use of a key on a map and made one as a class to use on our school maps.

We have been continuing to develop our love for reading and ventured out this week, snuggled in our coats and went to read to the trees! Yes, that’s right, the trees! The children absolutely loved it and enjoyed sharing their books with a good listening ear 😉

Year 1 have been practising hard for our up coming WOW assembly next Thursday! We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you so far.

Just a little reminder that homework will be collected in on Monday as normal but no homework will be set under after half term.

Have a wonderful weekend and bring on our last week before the first half term!

11th October 2019

Where has this week gone?!

Thank you to all who were able to attend the ‘This is Year 1’ event on Wednesday. It was lovely to see you and have a little catch up. Remember, please come and see me any time after school if you have queries; no matter how big or small.

Year 1 have had great fun this week in reading; pretending to be an interviewer, interviewing ‘characters’ from The Gingerbread man! Some excellent oracy and acting from everyone!

In maths we have focused on subtraction and have used a range of resources to support in this. We have also looked and solving simple subtraction word problems; identifying the key information, writing the sum and then working out the answer using concrete objects.

With Mrs Pritlove, Year 1 have been learning strategies to calm down. They have made some relaxing glitter gloves and some squidgy stress balls!

In history we have looked at the developments of boats and made a simple timeline to show this. We have talked about what history means and are familiarising ourselves with key vocabulary and phrases such as- past, a long time ago. The children were amazed at how much has changed and how much we have now.

Only 2 weeks left of this term and we will be making the most of this! So rest up for another jam-packed week Year 1!

4th October 2019

Week 5- DONE! An amazing performance at our Harvest festival. I am incredibly proud of the courage and joy that shone from you all, Year 1.

Another lovely week where we have been able to take our learning outside; being super scientists and identifying what season we are in.We have been looking at lots of pictures and discussing ways we can identify what season we are in. After discovering we are in autumn, we decided to collect some autumn leaves and make a class collage of a hedgehog! We had lots of fun finding some beautiful leaves for this 🙂

This week we have been delving into the History and Geography of Glorious Gloucester! We have continued to explore landmarks in Gloucester and this week we have found out about the River Severn; where is starts, travels through and ends. This has led us to look into physical and human features in Geography as well as beginning to explore a bit of history of boats and how they have developed. We watched an interesting video about canal boats and how a long time ago, they were pulled along by horses! We have also started to find out about the history of Gloucester Docks. What an interesting place we live in!

In Literacy we have been developing our sentence writing by using the conjunction ‘and’. We are becoming much more confident at writing independently and applying our taught skills!

In maths we have focused on recognising and writing numerals between 1 and 100. We went on a number hunt around school and once we had collected all the numbers, as a class, we began to put together a 100 square. It was a little tricky but together as a team, we managed it!

In RE we have been focusing on the parable of The Lost Son. We have been thinking about it’s hidden meaning of forgiveness and how we show this; as well as others who love us.

Anyway, I cannot squeeze any more of this weeks learning into this update, so we shall have to wait and see what next week brings! 🙂

27th September 2019

A very wet week has gone by but still lots of fun had in Year 1.

What an amazing bunch of writers I have already! Some lovely independent writing this week and a noted improvement on their handwriting. Our skill focus this week has been full stops; but we are not forgetting about our capital letters! In phonics we have focused on the digraphs ai, ee, igh and oa, the tricky words my, was, you and the capital letters F, G, H, I.

In maths we have been problem solving! We have used different resources to help us solve 1 step addition word problems. We have also been practising counting in twos, fives and tens.

In reading we have been focusing on the Traditional Tale- The Gingerbread Man. The children have learnt the story by putting actions to it, acted it out brilliantly and have started making their own story maps.

We have been doing lots of learning about where we live- Glorious Gloucester. We have been looking at landmarks around Gloucester. In art we have drawn some beautiful pictures of Gloucester cathedral using charcoal.

With Mrs Pritlove we have been celebrating our little classroom community; sharing our similarities and differences and knowing that these are OK! Each child has made a puzzle piece to form our class community puzzle 🙂

Please check out the phonics and reading event dates- it would be brilliant to see as many of you as possible 🙂 Thank you

Have a wonderful weekend.

20th September 2019

Oh my life, this week has just flown by! Another week filled with laughter and learning 🙂

In Literacy we have carried on focusing on using capital letters at the START OF A SENTENCE. We have also been learning letter names and how to write capitals ABCDE. In phonics we have focused on the graphemes nk, ng, ck and th as well as the high frequency words- they, like, she, we, me.

In maths we have been exploring ways of making 10 (number bonds) and have begun looking at simple addition.

In violin this week the children had a go at following music to play not one but TWO songs. Once again they were brilliant. Some excellent use of our class power ‘cool concentration’ in this music lesson.

In RE we have been learning the parable of The Lost Son. We have been discussing the meaning of the story and what God is trying to tell us. We also had a go at acting this out in groups!

In PE the children are getting much more confident in performing a range of roles and this week we introduced some jumps and balance positions. Next week we are going to put a sequence of our own together.

A little reminder…

Please can I ask that you read with your child as often as you can at home- 3 times per week as a minimum. If this is recorded in reading records your child will received a golden star towards their reading challenge!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

13th September 2019

What a wonderful and busy week and a half we have had back in Year 1! They have all been little super-stars!

In Literacy we have been practising using capital letters when writing sentences, working on our presentation as well as recapping on some phonics from last year.

In Maths we have been getting used to recording in our maths books. We have practised some numeral formation and explored different ways of making 5 (number bonds) and recording as a number sentence.

In Art we drew some beautiful self portraits and then used saws in DT to cut wood and make frames for our portraits.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first violin session with Mrs Chu and the children were AMAZING! They listened beautifully and picked it up super quick.

We have also been doing a little learning about materials in science. We found out what a material is, what different types there are and then we went on a material hunt around school. We talked about how specific materials are good for making certain things.

Looking forward to another jam-packed week of learning next week.

Rest up, re-charge and I’ll see you Monday morning gang!

6th September 2019

Welcome to Year 1!

What a lovely few days we have had in Year 1! The children have settled really well into their new classroom and school building. They have loved exploring all their new toys, having their own drawer (very exciting) and catching up with all their teachers. It has been a joy to hear about what fabulous summer holidays they have all had.

This week we have been becoming familiar with our new classroom/school and begun to introduce our new routine. We have looked a little at our new Maths and Literacy books as well as doing a bit of PE, art and DT and circle times.

We will be keeping you updated with what we are learning weekly on our class page.  Our class page will also be updated with key dates, requests, homework updates etc so please check it regularly.

I just wanted to update you on a few things to ensure you and your child are prepared for Year 1. My PPA will be on a Thursday afternnon and covered by Mrs Pritlove. Our PE sessions are Monday afternoon and Friday morning. We also have a violin session every Wednesday afternoon.

A few little reminders…
• PE kits to be in school ASAP
• Water bottles for in class (water only)
• Uniform and PE kits to be clearly labelled
• Book bags- children will have more books living in their book bags this year. Please ensure drinks are not put in book bags.

It is important that you read with your child as often as possible. Every day is ideal however a minimum of 3 times per week is expected. Please use your child’s reading record to record any reading; please note you can read other books from home, bed time stories and do not feel you need to write a comment every time you read with your child. Please note the importance of questioning your child when reading to check their comprehension skills and understanding of the text. We have stuck support for this and the phonics coverage in the front of your child’s reading record. Please also continue to practise the sounds in your green phonics books from Reception.

We have a reading reward system in Year 1! If a child has read and their reading record is signed 3 times every week, each half term, those children will receive a small prize. If a child reads 3 times in a week, they will be awarded a sticker in their reading record to record this. In school your child will read at least once a week with an adult as well as having explicit reading lessons. Your child will change their book once a week on a given day (children will not change books on the same day).

Year 1 homework will start the week beginning Monday 30th September. All homework will be ticked appropriately as to whether it has or has not been handed in from each child.

Phonics homework
Phonics homework will be set every Tuesday. Homework will need to be handed in every Monday in order to be marked and new homework set for the following day (Tuesday).
Phonics homework will be related to classroom learning; both practise and consolidation and also activities that will support children in preparation for the Year 1 Phonics screening check in June 2020.

Spelling lists will be set every Monday. The children will do a spelling test the following Monday and be given a new list. Please help your child to practise these lists using a ‘look, cover, write, check’ approach; you could even get them to write some little flash cards of the words, you can hide them around the house and they have to hunt for them, read them and then write them!

Looking forward to a fantastic year with this lovely bunch! If you have a queries, please do not hesitate to pop and see me at the end of the school day. 😊

Miss Bratt