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Please have a look at our curriculum map: Summer 1 (surfs up)

For more information/detail on the whole of the Year 1 curriculum, please see the Year 1 overview here: Year 1 overview

23rd April 2019

Welcome back Year 1, to the summer term. I hope you had a great Easter holiday and are feeling fresh!

This term our topic is ‘Surf’s up!’ Please see the link above to check out our curriculum map, showing you what will be covered this term.

A few little reminders and notes…
• Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school to keep hydrated.
• Please can PE kits be in school by this Friday.
• Homework and spellings will start next Monday 29th April. Please note, homework is due in the following Monday.
• The reading challenge starts again! Read at least 3 times a week to collect a sticker. If you collect a sticker every week this term, you will win a prize!
• Summer uniform starts now.
• Sun cream (when necessary), please apply to your child before dropping at school. Teachers are not allowed to apply sun-cream and as you can imagine, when left to the children we have many looking like snowmen!

Bring on the summer term! 😊

5th April 2019

What a lovely last week of the spring term, before our well-deserved Easter holidays!

Year 1 had the best day at the Black Country museum! It was an amazing school trip with lots of fun, laughter and learning and a great way to end our spring topic ‘Top hats and tea cups’. A big thank you to our parent helpers who were able to support us on the trip.

After the excitement of our trip, we’ve had a few chilled days making fluffy bunny Easter cards, hot-cross bun making, cheeky chick crafts, a final cuddle with Receptions fluffy friends, rounded off nicely with a DVD day today- thank you to Maksy for bringing in a film for the class.

Well done to our reading challenge winners! You have won yourselves a little book to take home.

Another great term leaving your teachers bursting with pride, yet again. Have the best Easter holidays, rest up, eat lots of chocolate eggs and I’ll look forward to seeing you for our final summer term. 😊

Clearwater Family Homework Easter 2019

29th March 2019

We have had such a lovely week in Year 1 😊 What a way to start the week with their amazing wow assembly. Their gorgeous little personalities shone through and how much they have learned and their confidence shone even brighter! PROUD TEACHER!

Thank you also, to those who attended the phonics screening check information session. As promised, please see the power-point and 2018 paper below

On Monday afternoon, we had a wonderful trip to Quedgeley church where Father John met us and told us all about special days leading up to Easter. He also showed us around the church, talking about the different areas (alter, pulpit etc) and the purple decorations in the church. Thank you so much to our parent helpers who came with us.

To follow on from this we have done lots of learning in RE. We finished making our palm leaves and then re-enacted the story of Palm Sunday when Jesus arrive in Jerusalem on a donkey. We also learned the story of ‘The last Supper’ and again, we re-enacted this story and shared bread and wine (BLACKCURRANT SQUASH)- bread representing Jesus’ body and the wine (SQUASH) representing his blood.

On Wednesday we met Receptions freshly hatched chicks! They we super cute!

We have been enjoying the glorious sunshine this week and yesterday we went on an Easter egg hunt and also an Easter pebble hunt!

Looking forward to a final fun filled week before our Easter break. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

phonics screening 2018

phonics screening check info pp


26th March 2019 – Year 1 Wow Assembly

What a fantastic way to start a Tuesday! Another huge well done to Year 1- you always work so hard and I am super proud of you lot- you little super stars!

22nd March 2019

This week seems to have disappeared!

We have continued our artwork in RE- we have completed the paint splatting and will be cutting out our palm leaves to finish them today.

We have also been writing up a science experiment to learn about friction. We used cars and ramps with different surfaces and found out which surface the car travelled faster on and which made the car slow down quickest. We felt very grown up writing predictions and conclusions and had a lot of fun carrying out the experiment.

In Literacy we have been learning facts about bears and writing about them using a range of conjunctions- and, because, but, or, so.

In Maths we have begun a unit on money. The children have improved their coin recognition and we are consolidating the knowledge that different coins have different values and the impact this has when we’re working out amounts using a range of coins.

A little reminder…
Next Tuesday is our WOW assembly at 9.15am. We look forward to seeing you
Please can you return your child’s school trip slip by next week- thank you 😊
Next Monday we are off to Quedgeley church to visit Father John to enhance and build upon our learning in RE this term.

Have a lovely weekend 😊

15th March 2019

Apologies for no Year 1 update last week…our camera had a sleep over at the library! It’s now safe and sound back at school so a double update this week!

Thank you so much to the Library for giving us a fun start to WBD last week. The children all looked fab and we didn’t get blown away walking back! Thank you to our parent helpers on that day too 😊

Year 1 wrote some excellent book reviews, made some awesome bookmarks and had fun acting out different stories.

This week has been SCIENCE WEEK, which has encouraged inquisitive minds, excellent questioning and learning about fair tests. Reception joined Year 1 on Monday to learn about the forces ‘push’ and ‘pull’. We made our own air powered rockets and measured how far they could travel. We also made some changes to our rockets to see if it made them travel further and recorded our results in a simple table. Year 1 also joined reception to watch an explosion when a mentos mint is dropped in coke! We have also started learning about friction and are in the middle of carrying out an experiment to find out which surface makes a toy car travel faster…we’ll let you know how we get on next week.

In violin, the children have been practising hard in preparation for their concert next Tuesday morning. We look forward to seeing you in class at 9.15am, if you can make it. The concert will be roughly 45 minutes long.

In maths we have been learning about positional language- forwards, backwards, left right, half turns, quarter turn and whole turns. This has been super tricky but the children have made excellent progress through some fun activities. We worked in pairs and made maps for each other to follow- one partner giving directions. This has linked nicely to our work on fractions. We have also had fun programming the blue-bots giving them the correct information to find different shapes.

In RE, following on from Shrove Tuesday we have been learning about Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday. We linked this in with our Art this week and have been making different textures by layering medias to make some funky palm leaves! A little bit messy but lots of fun. We will show you the outcome on next week’s update.

Have a wonderful weekend 😊

1st March 2019

Welcome back to the final spring term! Year 1 returned even more eager to learn and despite it being a four day week we have got lots of fun packed in. Well done Year 1- back and ready to roll!

In Literacy we have been learning a non-fiction text about The Great Fire of London (TGFOL) and have been writing facts about this historical event with a focus on practising our basic punctuation.

In Maths we have had lots of fun exploring symmetry inside and outside so we could enjoy the beautiful sunshine we have had. Following this we have looked at the fraction- half; exploring halving shapes, objects, number and circling half a set of objects. Our fraction learning will continue next week.

Year 1 are becoming excellent at spreading joy through acts of kindness and this week we shared a wonder book called ‘Have you filled your bucket yet?’. Inspired by the story, we made our own kindness buckets to fill and continue to be mindful of doing little acts of kindness everyday.

In History we have been ordering TGFOL facts and pictures to make a historical timeline and in RE we have begun to look at Holy week. We started this by going outside and checking for signs of spring. We talked about what happens in this season and how new life happens- lambs, chicks, flowers, blossom, leaves etc. We then linked this to the new life that happens at Easter- the resurrection of Jesus. We then decorated our own egg to represent new life and we used purple paint as this colour represents the sadness and miracles of Jesus as Easter.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to a whole week together next week.

15th February 2019

Aw What a wonderful week we have had in Year 1. It has been filled with so many acts of kindness which has filled me up with joy and to top it off, we now have 1 week of rest 😊

This week in maths we’ve been braving the chill and learning about capacity and measuring water in millilitres (ml) and litres (L). The children had lots of fun exploring capacity in the water tray and are becoming much more accurate at measuring!

As you know, Year 1 knocked their teachers socks off last week with their story writing and this has continued to happen this week. The children wrote the sweetest kindness notes to a family member; practising the skill of using the conjunction ‘because’ in their writing.

We have had some super fun afternoons this week doing lots of acts of kindness for our local community, each other and our family. We have made some love bug valentines cards, we went and fed the birds AND we made our own kindness pebbles which we hid around Hardwicke to bring some joy to someone else and spread the kindness. During our local walk, we also did some litter picking to help look after our wonderful world. A big thank you to our fabulous parents for helping and also supplying us with special pens and spray to decorate our pebbles 😊 super grateful for you continued support.

I hope you all have the best half term. Feeling very proud of every single one of you but we can’t stop now! Rest up and re-charge so we can smash this last Spring term.

8th February 2019

Lesson learnt. Making spring rolls with 27 5/6 year olds is not easy. But oh the fun we had! Happy Chinese New Year!

We learnt the story of Chinese new year, found out what animals we were from our date of births and we also watched a video about a Chinese family and the preparation that comes before their celebration of new year. We talked about the similarities and differences between our new year celebration too. Through our spring roll making we were able to practise our cutting and grating skills and general safety and hygiene when we are cooking.

Yet again I am bursting with pride with Year 1’s ‘Big Writes’ they did yesterday. They have been working hard to make up their own stories using lots of different skills and then they have finished it off by writing their very own stories. Year 1 I am SO proud of you!!

In maths we have had more fun learning how to measure weight in grams and kilograms and also solve some simple weight problems.

We have continued our Great Fire of London learning and are putting together our own news reports as if we were real news reporters! The children have been fab at this. It has been a fun way to learn the historical facts, the history and using appropriate vocabulary.

One more week to cram in as much learning as possible before half term…bring it on Year 1!

1st February 2019

The snow didn’t stop us! (well maybe just for an hour) We had so much fun playing in the snow this morning- what a Friday treat!

Week 4 done!

Year one have been little sponges and soaked up all the facts we have learnt about The Great Fire of London. We used wax crayons and water colours to create pictures of this historical event and we have begun to sequences the event using a timeline. Our GFOL learning will continue next week.

In science we have been recapping the animal groups and sorting animals by whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. The children have been practising this learning in our new science area in the class.

We have LOVED maths this week. We have been learning about measures- length and weight using non-standard and standard units. We have finished our unit of measuring in cm’s and have begun learning how to measure weight in grams (g). The children have really enjoyed using the rulers and scales and have been very accurate when taking their measurements.

In Literacy we are steaming ahead with making up our own stories. We have designed two characters- a goodie and a baddie, we have chosen a setting which to day we wrote a setting description for. Our key skill this week has been to use adjectives in our writing.

In phonics we are learning many more digraphs, trigraphs and alternate graphemes. The alternate graphemes are particularly tricky for the children as there are a lot of them and it is very confusing. Please support your child to complete their phonics homework as this has a huge impact- practise makes permanent! A little reminder that homework folders are due in on Monday.

Enjoy what is left of the snow and have a wonderful weekend 😊


25th January 2019

We are officially half way through the first spring term…it seems to be flying by! Despite having to rearrange our Warburtons visit, we were filled back up with joy with a fantastic visit from the fire services. We had lots of fun trying on the uniform, having a go on the hose and sitting in the fire engine! However, this time we were able to really impress the fire fighters with our fire safety knowledge and also some facts about the history of the fire services which we have been learning about this week. We have done some role play for what to do in an emergency and how to keep safe around fire. Next week our history learning will continue as we begin to learn about the Great Fire of London…but shhhh…they don’t know that yet!

This week Year 1 have been writing a story re-tell about Paddington and how he saves the day in London. We have learnt the story and put actions to it, then we made a story map and had lots of fun acting out the story with masks and props. Story writing will continue next week but we will be getting creative and making up our own!

In maths we have started to look at measuring length in non-standard units and next week we will continue this by measuring in standard units- cm’s and mm’s and m’s. We have focused on using the language long(est) and short(est) to compare, describe and order several objects by length.

Happy Friday and bring on next week 🙂

18th January 2019

Year 1 have done it again…another fantastic week of learning- well done troops!

In Literacy we have carried on with our narrative writing and are learning a story about Paddington. We have talked about the structure of a story using the skills we have already learnt to write character and setting descriptions. We have started to make a story map and are working towards writing a re-tell.

In phonics we have learnt the new tricky words- what, her, out, today, his and has and recapped on have, so, was and said. We have also learnt the new split digraphs- o-e and u-e.

We have been magical mathematicians, solving 1 step subtraction word problems with and even without pictorial representations to help us!

In art we have learnt about the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky and created our own art work using pastels, inspired by a piece of his work. We used our art work to create a class kindness tree as that is what we have been focusing on in PSHE. We have thought of lots of acts of kindness and are trying to do them as often as we can to spread kindness. The children came up with really thoughtful acts of kindness- let’s see if you spot any happening at home!

We have started looking at some maps of London and identifying some keys features of a map. Using the London landmarks we have learnt about, we have made our own maps of London and they are just fantastic!

Looking forward to another busy week next week with some exciting visitors.

Have a lovely weekend 😊

11th January 2019

What a lovely first week back after our Christmas holidays. We have packed so much in, despite the festive excitement upon the children’s return about what everyone had got for Christmas!

This week in Literacy we have been learning how to use adjectives to write a character description. We used Paddington as our character and we started by thinking of as many adjectives about him as we could. Then, as a class we wrote a character description about Paddington using the adjectives we had collected. In our independent work, we chose a film character to write our own character description using adjectives- the children did an amazing job at this.

In phonics we have been looking at the graphemes; ai, ay, a-e, oi, oy and the tricky words there, were, when, little, one.

In maths we have focused on addition- adding two 1-digit numbers and adding a 1-digit to a 2-digit number. We used number lines and hundred square to work out the answer as some of us were able to count on from the biggest number in our head!

In our afternoons we made a giant class collage of Paddington bear using tissue paper, we made a marmalade cake and managed to capture our own class Paddington! We have also been finding out about where Paddington went to live- London! We have found out about London landmarks and we did some sketches of these too.

In science we have been learning about the 6 animal groups; fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects and mammals and in groups we sorted pictures of animals into the correct groups.

Have a lovely weekend, recharge those batteries and get ready for another busy week! 😊

7th January 2018

A huge welcome back after what has been a fabulous 2 weeks off filled with Christmas magic and fun festivities. I wish you all a very happy new year and I am excited to start our spring topic ‘Top hats and tea cups!’

Please see the link above for the Year 1 curriculum map, which outlines what we will be covering over the spring term.

A few little reminders…
• Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school ASAP but by Friday; ready for PE.
• Please pass on any inhalers that need to be updated.
• Please ensure your child has a water bottle to keep in class.
• Reading books will be changed as normal throughout this week and we re-start the reading challenge! Read 3 times per week to get a sticker, 6 sticker at the end of term wins you a little prize, continue this in the second term and you win a book!
• Homework and spellings will start next week- Monday 14th January.

Excited for a fun first week back at school…bring on the spring term Year 1! 😊

21st December 2018

Could we have been any more excited today?!? I don’t think so!

The children have been absolute stars this week. Despite all the excitement of Santa’s arrival next week they have continued to work hard and today we had a well deserved chill day filled with Christmas colouring, festive films and having a good natter and a play.

This week has been lots if fun; we had our Christmas party with Reception on Wednesday, we had a Christmas hunt in forest explorers yesterday, lots of Christmas crafts and some Christmas goodies today.

Well done Year 1 for working so hard this term- you are all little stars!

A huge thank you for the lovely cards and gifts we have received in Year 1- you have spoilt us rotten!

Have the most wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year! SANTA IS COMING IN 4 DAYS!!!! 😊

14th December 2018

We have had such a fun week in Year 1 full of festive crafts, biscuit decorating and Christmas card making, along with some Christmas tunes in the background to get us feeling even more Christmassy!

The children have worked incredibly hard this week to write their letters to Santa. This was also their Big Write for the term so they had no help from the adults and it was their opportunity to show how much they’ve learned these past 6 weeks…and goodness me does it show! WELL DONE YEAR 1!

This week we also enjoyed a festive themed trip to the library where we were able to embrace our love for books and reading as well as listen to some wonderful Christmas stories. A huge thank you to our local library for having us again and another huge thank you to our lovely parent’s who were able to join us on this trip.

Our classroom has looked like a bit of a snow globe this week what with all the glitter and glue for our Christmas cards and tissue paper snowmen! We are also half way through making our own snow globes! We have made models to go inside using plasticine and we plan to put them together as soon as possible. Thank you for all the jam jars…this is what they are needed for! We have also had fun making some scrummy marshmallow snowmen biscuits which we enjoyed yesterday after school.

The countdown really is on now with one more week left of school. There is no rest for us though as next week will be another festive fun packed week!


7th December 2018

What a festive week we have had! The children did absolutely brilliantly performing their Christmas play on Wednesday- I was one very proud teacher.

After lots of play practising at the beginning of the week, Thursday afternoon we enjoyed some fun in forest explorers!

In Literacy, the children have worked incredibly hard to help Smarty Party Pants and have been able to punctuate questions using a question mark.

In Maths we have learned a song to help us remember the months of the year- another way of measuring time. We have also done some work on ordinal numbers- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.

Looking forward to more festive fun next week and who knows, some more elf antics from Smarty Party Pants!

6th December 2018

We had a very special delivery through the post this morning! Year 1 received a big box filled with chocolate coins and with an apology letter from Smarty Party Pants. He said that because he was such a pickle yesterday, Santa put him on the naughty list. Smarty Party Pants was very sad and asked for our help. So in Literacy, we kindly helped him out.

Tonight, Mr Barrowcliffe will be checking to see if we have helped him enough and if we have, we get chocolate coins tomorrow!

5th December 2018

Year 1 arrived in their classroom this morning to find Smarty Party Pants had stolen their advent calendar from Mrs Moss’s office! We were super cross! He left us a note saying we could not have it back until we wrote him some amazing questions using question marks! After literacy we started walking to lunch to find Smarty Party Pants and our advent calendar was in the tree!!! With a bit of help from the children, we managed to get it down and two children enjoyed our advent chocolate from yesterday and today.

4th December 2018

Well our naughty elf- ‘smarty party pants’, was up to mischief last night! He stuck our class advent to the ceiling and said we couldn’t have it back until we posted 5 questions to him using question marks!

As we started to write in Literacy, the advent calendar fell from the ceiling!!!!

We have now hidden our calendar in Mrs Moss’s office over night to keep it safe from smarty party pants.

3rd December 2018

Smarty Party Pants the Year 1 Elf has arrived in school…

30th November 2018

This week has just flown by! I cannot believe it’s 3 weeks until our Christmas holiday.

The children have worked extremely hard this week and we have had lots of WOW moments. In maths we have been learning how to tell the time to the o’clock and half past. It’s been very tricky but we’ve had lots of fun along the way. We have made our own paper plate clocks to help us!

In Literacy we have been practising using capital letters for people, places, I and days of the week. We have practised these skills through two stories- The Christian Creation Story and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

With the Christmas production nearly upon us, we have spent a lot of time this week practising. The children have done an amazing job at remembering their lines and singing all the songs beautifully and with Christmas spirit! Bring on next week…you’re in for a treat!

Enjoy putting up Christmas trees this weekend and let the calendar count-down begin!!

23rd November 2018

What a super fun Road safety week at Clearwater!  We kick started our week with a joint afternoon with Reception learning how to stay safe when riding our bikes. We went outside to do some road safety role-play, we had a safe clothing sorting game inside as well as some road safety mat games using cars and figures to practise crossing the road safely. We also learned a road safety song which sounds fab!

The next day was Wheelie Day when the fun continued! Teachers and children have lots of fun riding around on their bikes and scooters.

In Literacy, we have been writing all the ways to stay safe when riding our bikes and about how to cross a road safely. The children have been excellent at using capital letters and full stops in their writing and goodness me, how their handwriting is improving!

In Maths we have continued our learning of subtraction and towards the end of the week we have been learning about ways to measure time with a focus on days of the week and months of the year.

In RE we continued our learning of the Christian Creation Story. We made pictures using pastels of each day of creation and we also wrote a class prayer thanking God for all the wonders of the world that he has created.

We have been doing lots of reading for enjoyment this week where the children have been the teacher and told ‘their class’ a story. They absolutely loved it and we definitely have some potential teachers in Year 1!

Year 1 have been learning about primary and secondary colours and explored mixing colours to make their own colour wheel!

Happy weekend and we will see you Monday 😊

16th November 2018

What a glorious week in Year 1 and so much to celebrate.

Firstly, thank you to all who were able to make our WOW assembly on Wednesday. I’m sure you’ll agree, it is amazing to see the change in the children and how much their confidence has grown yet again. Thank you Parents, family and friends for your enthusiasm and generally getting stuck in with our following activity of sewing Christmas decorations with the children- they look amazing!

This week in Literacy we have been busy writing letters using capital letters and full stops. We wrote to Bishop Robert at the beginning of the week to let him know we had found his lost sheep. Then towards the end of the week, we wrote to Pudsey to let him know how we were going to raise money for children in need.

In Maths we have practised naming and recognising the 3D shapes; cube, cuboid, pyramid, cylinder, sphere and cone. We have also begin to look at subtraction which we will carry on next week.

In RE we have learned about the Christian Creation story and made a story map of it to help us remember it.

In science we were doing a little experiment to find out what material would make the best for ice-skates.

In violin we are getting very good at knowing the notes and our teachers said next week we will start to learn Jingle Bells!

Yesterday, Reception and Year 1 had fun decorating biscuits with spots to sell after school to raise money for children in need! They decorated them so well, it took real will power not to eat them- children AND teachers!!

Have a lovely weekend 😊

9th November 2018

Year 1 have worked so hard this week and my goodness we have got a lot done!

In maths we have continued to learn about shape and have introduced the children to a pentagon! The children have been using their problem solving skills and mathematical language brilliantly to talk about different 2D shapes.

In Literacy we have been practising using the conjunction ‘and’ in our writing to join words and sentences together. We have written some fabulous dinosaur facts and the children’s cursive handwriting is really improving.

In our afternoons, as well as WOW assembly and Christmas play practise, we have learned about the Hindu celebration Diwali, where we made Rangoli patterns using pastels. We learned the reason why people wear Poppies and why this is such a special time; we also painted some Poppies using water colours for the first time! We have been busy making some dinosaur masks with Mr Barrowcliffe which we will be decorating after we have finished painting them. Finally, we have had lots of lovely science this week- exploring materials and doing a class experiment to find out the best materials to use for an umbrella and continuing our exploration of magnets.

Looking forward to another fun-filled week with Year 1.