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Milk is the perfect mid-morning drink for your child and, for many, it is absolutely free;-

  • School milk is free for all children under the age of five.
  • School milk is free for all children in receipt of free school meals at our school*

School milk is subsidised for all other children in primary education

If you would like your child to have milk you will need to register them on the Cool Milk website: When you have registered your child for milk they will be provided with milk until their 5th birthday. If you would like your child to continue to receive milk at school after their 5th birthday you will need to pay for the milk on-line.

There is usually a delay of about a week between registering your child and them receiving their milk.

*applies to children entitled to free school meals but NOT KS1 children taking advantage of the universal free school meals.


A piece of fruit is provided for all children in KS1. There is no charge for this and you do not need to register your child. A choice of seasonal fruit is normally available including bananas, apples, pears, oranges, strawberries and sugar snap peas.


If your child has any allergies, please notify the school office on