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19th July 2019

How quick has this week gone?! I just cannot believe it has been our last full week in Year 1. And I think 2 chilled days together next week will be just what we need before we break up for the summer holidays.

This week we had an exciting day on Wednesday as it was ‘move up’ day. Year 1 spent the afternoon with their new teacher Miss Amey; who they loved! Whilst I spent the afternoon with my new class! We had a lovely crafty afternoon, getting to know each other.

Year 1 worked in pairs to make their own Punch and Judy shows; inspired by Evie’s that she made at home! AND we even did our very last Big Write and even though we are so close to the end of the academic year and feeling very tired, Year 1 still managed to smash it!!

Looking forward to spending next Monday and Tuesday together and hopefully, we will be having a surprise visit from a new furry friend.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂



12th July 2019

Another wonderful week, made absolutely fantastic by the Year 1’s WOW assembly ? Well done again Year 1 and thank you to everyone who was able to come.

We have had a fun filled week with another play date afternoon with Reception- we have loved spending some extra time with them!

Yesterday we had 2 visitors who came in to talk to us about the Jewish religion. They brought in lots of things to show us, they talked about the Jewish celebration Shabbat, they shared some stories from the bible about Moses and they even shared some prayers with us in Hebrew. Year 1 were very inspired by our visitors and spent the afternoon looking at some non-fiction books about Judaism! Also, the visitors were very impressed with the knowledge Year 1 demonstrated too. A huge thank you to them for taking the time to come and see us.

In RE this week we have also learned about the Jewish celebration- Hanukkah. We have learned some key facts about the celebration and the story behind it. Some excellent drawings of the menorah and grouping facts into true and false categories.

A huge thank you to Caitlin who has joined Year 1 in the afternoons this week, for her school work experience. The children have loved spending time with you and you have been very helpful around the classroom. Good luck in the future!

Have a wonderful weekend and bring on our last full week in Year 1 🙂

5th July 2019

What a lovely sun filled week after our long weekend!

Year 1 have now finished their school value poems and I now have the difficult decision of choosing 10 poems, that will be entered into a competition. Wish me luck! This week we have also been focusing on our spelling; applying spelling rules we have learned and spelling high frequency words independently.

In Maths we have been partitioning 2-digit numbers and deepening our knowledge and understanding of addition; using our number bond knowledge to help us.

We have focused on religious symbols in RE and have made ‘The Star of David’ using lollipop stick and then decorating them. We are excited about a visitor coming in next week to talk to us about the Jewish religion and what it is like to be Jewish.

In between all of this we have been practising for our last ever Year 1 WOW assembly. We are looking forward to seeing those of you can make it next Thursday morning ?

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy this sunshine!

27th June 2019

Another lovely but short week in Year 1.

We have continued poetry in Literacy and are now writing poems inspired by Margaret Wise Brown, about our school values. They are absolutely beautiful; the children have come up with such thoughtful and very sweet ideas. What a pleasure they have been to read. Thank you Year 1.

In Maths we have revisited partitioning. We have been adding 1-digit numbers to multiples of ten, then adding 1 digit numbers to 2-digit numbers. We have found this a little tricky and will continue to focus on this next week.

We have done a lot of Geography and Science learning this week. In Geography we have been learning about the Worlds oceans and continents. We’re having lots of fun identifying these on maps and globes and are doing a very good job at remembering them.

In Science we have been looking at our senses and linking them to the correct body part. Some excellent pictures and explanations for this in our books!

Yesterday we were joined by Reception and we had a wonderful afternoon playing together. What a fab opportunity for them to use all our different toys, to socialise with Year 1 and also for their new teachers to get to know them a little better. We’re looking forward to a few more afternoons with you.

Have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy the sunshine that is heading our way! ?

21st June 2019

WOW! What a super fun week we have had at Clearwater!

We kick started enrichment week with some creative art led by Mrs Russell, Tuesday we got our groove on with a Zumba session, Wednesday was circus day, yesterday we got messy making a class collage with Mrs Ellis and today a double whammy; sports day AND music with Mrs Boughton!
A huge thank you to all those who have made this week AMAZING and an extra thank you to Kristian’s Daddy for the Capri-Sun.

Well done Year 1 for a fantastic sports day- you showed excellent skills and sportsmanship.

Please check out the photos from this week on our School News http://www.clearwateracademy.co.uk/category/school-news/

14th June 2019

What a wet week it has been! Hopefully the sunshine will be back with us next week ready for sports day.

The phonics screening checks are done and Year 1 did brilliantly. Results will be sent out at the beginning of July.

Year 1 have been busy writing their Father’s Day cards and poems this week and have practised their drawing skills by sketching pictures of their Daddy’s! We hope you have a lovely day on Sunday Dads.

We have continued our learning of the UK and have focused on Wales this week. We have started to learn some songs in Geography to help us remember key facts.

This week you may have heard the name Yogi mentioned. Year 1 have written letters to Mrs Moss to persuade her to let us (I mean the children) have a class pet; a sausage dog (I wonder where the inspiration came from?!). We are awaiting a response from Mrs Moss, with our fingers strongly crossed. In the mean time, we’ve been making models of sausage dogs!

Have a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to enrichment week kicking off on Monday with some art taught by Mrs Russel! 🙂

7th June 2019

Welcome back to the final summer term! Can you believe it?!

We have had fun in the sun this week which has been lovely (apart from today!). We were able to take maths outside where we were practising our number bonds to 20 and seeing the links between our bonds to 10. We have also re-looked at counting in 5’s and 10’s just to jog our memory.

In Literacy we are looking poetry this term. We have been learning about similes and metaphors and creating some seaside based poems and also a special poetic treat for Father’s Day… but shhhhhhh, don’t tell!

In Geography we have been looking closely at some of the countries in the United Kingdom- Scotland and England so far. We have re-looked at their capital cities, national flower, landmarks, flag and lots more!

Yesterday Reception joined us to do a bit of sports day practise!! Lots of excellent sportsmanship, cheering and effort from all. We are all very excited and have our fingers crossed for sunshine next Friday 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.

24th May 2019

Another wonderful week and full of sunshine again!

In Literacy we have continued to work hard on our verb tenses and I can see a real improvement- well done Year 1.

In maths we have been recapping on doubling and halving numbers to 10 and beyond. We have also begun to look at odd and even numbers and have been enjoying practising using different games on the interactive board.

We have almost finished our beach huts (hooray) and we have started to write up an evaluation of the design and making process. They are so fab we want to keep some of them to display in school but they will get sent home eventually.

This week we have had lots of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and practise our running for sports day.

I cannot believe we have one term left before the summer holidays and then…YEAR 2 for these lovely lot!

Have a wonderful half term ?

17th May 2019

What a glorious week of sunshine we have had! We have made the most of it by doing our maths outside on the field and even started sports day practise!

In Literacy we have been focusing on verbs (something you do/an action) and how they change depending on what tense you talk/write in. We have talked about the past, present and future tense. We began this learning by matching verb tense for example- I can see a dog. I saw a dog. We played a few matching and sorting games and now we have started to put our learning into practise and are trying to write in different tenses this week and next.
It would be so helpful if you could correct your child at home when they are speaking, if they use an incorrect verb tense… for example lots of children say ‘I swimmed’ or ‘I goed’, ’ I caughted’. Thank you for your support ?

In maths we have continued our learning about multiplication and have been solving 1 step multiplication word problems using arrays. We are really starting to get our heads around this now. We have also done a bit of number writing practise and recognition.

In science we have started looking at the human body and as a class we labelled Liam! We were very good at this and only struggled with a few trickier words like thigh, shin, ankle etc! We will continue this learning next week and look at our vital organs and linking our 5 senses to the correct body part.

In RE we have continued our learning about Judaism- we have learned the story of David and Goliath which we enjoyed acting out in groups. We have also begun to learn about the 10 commandments.

We had the best afternoon yesterday making our beach huts! We cut down the axle’s for our wheels using a saw (we were so sensible and careful) we then attached this to our huts. Thank you so much to our parents who came in to help and make sure we were all safe ? We cannot wait to get our designs back out and start painting them!

Looking forward to next week but cannot believe that after next week, that’s the first summer half term done!

10th May 2019

These 4 day weeks are flying- week three done!

Yesterday left me in utter shock after Year 1 wrote the most incredible Big Writes. Their handwriting is superb, they used lots of skills we have learned throughout the year and they showed excellent focus and imagination. This week we have focused on using a range of conjunctions to write a persuasive piece of writing about why people should visit Gloucester. Their Big Write was to persuade people to go to Weston-Super-Mare (or any beach).

In Maths, we have begun learning about multiplications and how to solve and record questions using concrete resources and arrays. After some practise, the children are beginning to master this.

We have been looking at world maps and maps of the UK. We have focused mostly on the UK this week and the countries within it, as well as their capitals. We are beginning to recognise the flags for these countries and after we have mastered this, we will start to look at the worlds continents.

In RE we have continued our learning about Judaism. The children remember so much from last week! We have explored the story of David and Goliath and consolidated some new words we learned such as Torah, Synagogue and skull-cap along with many more.

Sadly, our DT project had to be re-arranged to next week… but our resources have finally arrived and we are excited to start construction on our beach huts we designed last week!

A fun week to look forward to next week Year 1. Have a lovely, well-deserved weekend ?

3rd May 2019

A busy, busy week for Year 1!

We have carried on finding out about our letter from Katie and what seaside holidays were like a long time ago. We have been looking at seaside pictures from now and the past and using them to write sentences that include adjectives. We have also shared the story ‘The lighthouse keepers lunch’ and explored the adjectives used to describe the lighthouse keeper’s mustard sandwiches- YUK! We then designed our own disgusting sandwiches and used adjectives in our sentences to describe them.

In Maths we have started learning about division and the children not only loved it but they were brilliant at it! They were excited to learn a new symbol (÷) and were excellent at using this to record their number sentences. We used concrete objects like cubes and grouped them to work out answers and we also practised using pictorial representations (circles and dots) to help us.

We have started a new DT project- we’re designing and making our own beach huts! The children had to follow criteria for their design and next week we hope to start the construction. Following this, we will work on our self-evaluation of the final product; what worked well and what we would change.

In RE we have begun to explore the religion of Judaism. We have started by finding out what Jewish people believe and who some of the significant people in Judaism, such as Abraham. We will continue exploring this religion for the rest of this term but also continue developing our knowledge and understanding of Christianity.

We have also been developing our discussion skills through Geography this week by looking at photos of human and physical features and how to identify them, such as; coast, valley, river, harbour, ocean and so on. Year 1 have made so much progress in their discussion skills and are becoming increasingly confident at leading valuable discussions, not only sharing what they think, but listening and responding to other peoples thought.

Homework will be collected in and set again on the Tuesday due to our long weekend ?

I hope you all have a marvellous bank holiday weekend.

26th April 2019

What an exciting first week back for Year 1!

Our fun started first thing Tuesday morning with a visit from Warburtons. We learned all about how bread is made and food hygiene before putting on our very own hair-nets and Warburtons aprons. Then in groups we made our own bread dough and shaped it how we wanted. Over lunch the kitchen kindly baked our bread which left us a little more time for some DT learning! We found out about the five different food groups and how to have a balanced diet.

The fun didn’t stop there. After this, we designed our own healthy sandwich, which we then made in class! We have also found out about where our food actually comes from. As we have learned so much, we decided to make our own booklets so we can share our learning of how to keep our bodies healthy.

Yesterday was another exciting day because Miss Bratt shared her special discovery at a beach in Devon- a message in a bottle! We almost burst with excitement reading the letter together but there were lots of things we didn’t understand as we think the letter was written by someone a long time ago. We are in the middle of using the internet to research this and we plan to keep you updated!

Have a lovely weekend and let’s look forward to a full week of fun next week ?

23rd April 2019

Welcome back Year 1, to the summer term. I hope you had a great Easter holiday and are feeling fresh!

This term our topic is ‘Surf’s up!’ Please see the link above to check out our curriculum map, showing you what will be covered this term.

A few little reminders and notes…
• Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school to keep hydrated.
• Please can PE kits be in school by this Friday.
• Homework and spellings will start next Monday 29th April. Please note, homework is due in the following Monday.
• The reading challenge starts again! Read at least 3 times a week to collect a sticker. If you collect a sticker every week this term, you will win a prize!
• Summer uniform starts now.
• Sun cream (when necessary), please apply to your child before dropping at school. Teachers are not allowed to apply sun-cream and as you can imagine, when left to the children we have many looking like snowmen!

Bring on the summer term! ?

5th April 2019

What a lovely last week of the spring term, before our well-deserved Easter holidays!

Year 1 had the best day at the Black Country museum! It was an amazing school trip with lots of fun, laughter and learning and a great way to end our spring topic ‘Top hats and tea cups’. A big thank you to our parent helpers who were able to support us on the trip.

After the excitement of our trip, we’ve had a few chilled days making fluffy bunny Easter cards, hot-cross bun making, cheeky chick crafts, a final cuddle with Receptions fluffy friends, rounded off nicely with a DVD day today- thank you to Maksy for bringing in a film for the class.

Well done to our reading challenge winners! You have won yourselves a little book to take home.

Another great term leaving your teachers bursting with pride, yet again. Have the best Easter holidays, rest up, eat lots of chocolate eggs and I’ll look forward to seeing you for our final summer term. ?

Clearwater Family Homework Easter 2019

29th March 2019

We have had such a lovely week in Year 1 ? What a way to start the week with their amazing wow assembly. Their gorgeous little personalities shone through and how much they have learned and their confidence shone even brighter! PROUD TEACHER!

Thank you also, to those who attended the phonics screening check information session. As promised, please see the power-point and 2018 paper below

On Monday afternoon, we had a wonderful trip to Quedgeley church where Father John met us and told us all about special days leading up to Easter. He also showed us around the church, talking about the different areas (alter, pulpit etc) and the purple decorations in the church. Thank you so much to our parent helpers who came with us.

To follow on from this we have done lots of learning in RE. We finished making our palm leaves and then re-enacted the story of Palm Sunday when Jesus arrive in Jerusalem on a donkey. We also learned the story of ‘The last Supper’ and again, we re-enacted this story and shared bread and wine (BLACKCURRANT SQUASH)- bread representing Jesus’ body and the wine (SQUASH) representing his blood.

On Wednesday we met Receptions freshly hatched chicks! They we super cute!

We have been enjoying the glorious sunshine this week and yesterday we went on an Easter egg hunt and also an Easter pebble hunt!

Looking forward to a final fun filled week before our Easter break. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

phonics screening 2018

phonics screening check info pp


26th March 2019 – Year 1 Wow Assembly

What a fantastic way to start a Tuesday! Another huge well done to Year 1- you always work so hard and I am super proud of you lot- you little super stars!

22nd March 2019

This week seems to have disappeared!

We have continued our artwork in RE- we have completed the paint splatting and will be cutting out our palm leaves to finish them today.

We have also been writing up a science experiment to learn about friction. We used cars and ramps with different surfaces and found out which surface the car travelled faster on and which made the car slow down quickest. We felt very grown up writing predictions and conclusions and had a lot of fun carrying out the experiment.

In Literacy we have been learning facts about bears and writing about them using a range of conjunctions- and, because, but, or, so.

In Maths we have begun a unit on money. The children have improved their coin recognition and we are consolidating the knowledge that different coins have different values and the impact this has when we’re working out amounts using a range of coins.

A little reminder…
Next Tuesday is our WOW assembly at 9.15am. We look forward to seeing you
Please can you return your child’s school trip slip by next week- thank you ?
Next Monday we are off to Quedgeley church to visit Father John to enhance and build upon our learning in RE this term.

Have a lovely weekend ?

15th March 2019

Apologies for no Year 1 update last week…our camera had a sleep over at the library! It’s now safe and sound back at school so a double update this week!

Thank you so much to the Library for giving us a fun start to WBD last week. The children all looked fab and we didn’t get blown away walking back! Thank you to our parent helpers on that day too ?

Year 1 wrote some excellent book reviews, made some awesome bookmarks and had fun acting out different stories.

This week has been SCIENCE WEEK, which has encouraged inquisitive minds, excellent questioning and learning about fair tests. Reception joined Year 1 on Monday to learn about the forces ‘push’ and ‘pull’. We made our own air powered rockets and measured how far they could travel. We also made some changes to our rockets to see if it made them travel further and recorded our results in a simple table. Year 1 also joined reception to watch an explosion when a mentos mint is dropped in coke! We have also started learning about friction and are in the middle of carrying out an experiment to find out which surface makes a toy car travel faster…we’ll let you know how we get on next week.

In violin, the children have been practising hard in preparation for their concert next Tuesday morning. We look forward to seeing you in class at 9.15am, if you can make it. The concert will be roughly 45 minutes long.

In maths we have been learning about positional language- forwards, backwards, left right, half turns, quarter turn and whole turns. This has been super tricky but the children have made excellent progress through some fun activities. We worked in pairs and made maps for each other to follow- one partner giving directions. This has linked nicely to our work on fractions. We have also had fun programming the blue-bots giving them the correct information to find different shapes.

In RE, following on from Shrove Tuesday we have been learning about Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday. We linked this in with our Art this week and have been making different textures by layering medias to make some funky palm leaves! A little bit messy but lots of fun. We will show you the outcome on next week’s update.

Have a wonderful weekend ?

1st March 2019

Welcome back to the final spring term! Year 1 returned even more eager to learn and despite it being a four day week we have got lots of fun packed in. Well done Year 1- back and ready to roll!

In Literacy we have been learning a non-fiction text about The Great Fire of London (TGFOL) and have been writing facts about this historical event with a focus on practising our basic punctuation.

In Maths we have had lots of fun exploring symmetry inside and outside so we could enjoy the beautiful sunshine we have had. Following this we have looked at the fraction- half; exploring halving shapes, objects, number and circling half a set of objects. Our fraction learning will continue next week.

Year 1 are becoming excellent at spreading joy through acts of kindness and this week we shared a wonder book called ‘Have you filled your bucket yet?’. Inspired by the story, we made our own kindness buckets to fill and continue to be mindful of doing little acts of kindness everyday.

In History we have been ordering TGFOL facts and pictures to make a historical timeline and in RE we have begun to look at Holy week. We started this by going outside and checking for signs of spring. We talked about what happens in this season and how new life happens- lambs, chicks, flowers, blossom, leaves etc. We then linked this to the new life that happens at Easter- the resurrection of Jesus. We then decorated our own egg to represent new life and we used purple paint as this colour represents the sadness and miracles of Jesus as Easter.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to a whole week together next week.

15th February 2019

Aw What a wonderful week we have had in Year 1. It has been filled with so many acts of kindness which has filled me up with joy and to top it off, we now have 1 week of rest ?

This week in maths we’ve been braving the chill and learning about capacity and measuring water in millilitres (ml) and litres (L). The children had lots of fun exploring capacity in the water tray and are becoming much more accurate at measuring!

As you know, Year 1 knocked their teachers socks off last week with their story writing and this has continued to happen this week. The children wrote the sweetest kindness notes to a family member; practising the skill of using the conjunction ‘because’ in their writing.

We have had some super fun afternoons this week doing lots of acts of kindness for our local community, each other and our family. We have made some love bug valentines cards, we went and fed the birds AND we made our own kindness pebbles which we hid around Hardwicke to bring some joy to someone else and spread the kindness. During our local walk, we also did some litter picking to help look after our wonderful world. A big thank you to our fabulous parents for helping and also supplying us with special pens and spray to decorate our pebbles ? super grateful for you continued support.

I hope you all have the best half term. Feeling very proud of every single one of you but we can’t stop now! Rest up and re-charge so we can smash this last Spring term.

8th February 2019

Lesson learnt. Making spring rolls with 27 5/6 year olds is not easy. But oh the fun we had! Happy Chinese New Year!

We learnt the story of Chinese new year, found out what animals we were from our date of births and we also watched a video about a Chinese family and the preparation that comes before their celebration of new year. We talked about the similarities and differences between our new year celebration too. Through our spring roll making we were able to practise our cutting and grating skills and general safety and hygiene when we are cooking.

Yet again I am bursting with pride with Year 1’s ‘Big Writes’ they did yesterday. They have been working hard to make up their own stories using lots of different skills and then they have finished it off by writing their very own stories. Year 1 I am SO proud of you!!

In maths we have had more fun learning how to measure weight in grams and kilograms and also solve some simple weight problems.

We have continued our Great Fire of London learning and are putting together our own news reports as if we were real news reporters! The children have been fab at this. It has been a fun way to learn the historical facts, the history and using appropriate vocabulary.

One more week to cram in as much learning as possible before half term…bring it on Year 1!

1st February 2019

The snow didn’t stop us! (well maybe just for an hour) We had so much fun playing in the snow this morning- what a Friday treat!

Week 4 done!

Year one have been little sponges and soaked up all the facts we have learnt about The Great Fire of London. We used wax crayons and water colours to create pictures of this historical event and we have begun to sequences the event using a timeline. Our GFOL learning will continue next week.

In science we have been recapping the animal groups and sorting animals by whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. The children have been practising this learning in our new science area in the class.

We have LOVED maths this week. We have been learning about measures- length and weight using non-standard and standard units. We have finished our unit of measuring in cm’s and have begun learning how to measure weight in grams (g). The children have really enjoyed using the rulers and scales and have been very accurate when taking their measurements.

In Literacy we are steaming ahead with making up our own stories. We have designed two characters- a goodie and a baddie, we have chosen a setting which to day we wrote a setting description for. Our key skill this week has been to use adjectives in our writing.

In phonics we are learning many more digraphs, trigraphs and alternate graphemes. The alternate graphemes are particularly tricky for the children as there are a lot of them and it is very confusing. Please support your child to complete their phonics homework as this has a huge impact- practise makes permanent! A little reminder that homework folders are due in on Monday.

Enjoy what is left of the snow and have a wonderful weekend ?