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Welcome to our Class Page

Please have a look at what we will be learning about this term: Y2 Autumn 2020 Curriculum Map 

Please find our Knowledge Organiser here: Knowledge Organiser Year2 Autumn

25th September2020

We have had a fabulous week in Year Two.

Our Maths this week has been focusing on shape. We can now identify pentagons, hexagons and octagons and know the difference between regular and irregular shapes. Challenge us to point some out around the home!

We continued to practise using expanded noun phrases in our writing. We read a very funny version of The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig and wrote some amazing setting descriptions. Mrs Pritlove was particularly impressed by phrases such as ‘bright, glowing sparks exploded from the drill’ and ‘bits of muddy, lumpy dirt sprayed up into the pig’s face’. Our writing is beginning to sound really interesting.

During Science we really enjoyed finding out how material’s changed by bending, squashing, twisting or stretching. We were surprised by see that the metal spoon did bend a little bit. We had an interesting discussion about how some materials shape change forever once a force is applied, whereas others just bounce back.

In RE we have been learning about Islam. We enjoyed exploring the Islamic artefacts and are excited to find out what Muslims use them all for.


I hope you have all received the letter about Class Dojo from your children. I have posted some Art homework on there this week and look forward to seeing your child’s masterpiece soon. Have a go at uploading a photo of their finished work.

18th September 2020

What another wonderful week we have had in Year Two!

In Maths we have starting to learn all about a greedy alligator that likes to eat larger numbers. Watch the funny song we learned and play some games here:

We have been learning a new skill called ‘expanded noun phrases’ in Literacy. Mrs Pritlove and Mrs Pearson have been very impressed with the wonderful adjectives we have been using in our written work. Well done to all those children who have been reading lots at home too!

Thank you for providing the objects from home for our Science lesson this week. We had some interesting discussions about materials objects are made from and how they are used at school and in the home.

In Art, we became Vincent Van Gogh and used pastels to create our own Starry Night pictures. We think they look just like it, don’t you?

11th September 2020

What a busy week we have had this week in Year Two! Mrs Pritlove and Mrs Pearson have both been so impressed with our fantastic attitudes to learning. If this continues, we are going to have the best year ever!

In Literacy we have been remembering how to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces correctly. We’ve learned about proper nouns and how they too need a capital letter. We wrote some very interesting sentences about the teachers and remembered to use all the correct punctuation.

In Maths we learned how to partition numbers and are beginning to understand that 2 digit numbers can be split up in all sorts of ways.

We started our Science topic on Materials. We went on a material hunt around the classroom and learned lots of new words to describe their properties. Try asking us what rigid, stiff or stretchy means… Next Monday we will be comparing the materials of objects found at home to objects found at school. For this activity, can your child please bring in an object of their choice. It can be anything they like such as a toy, a piece of cutlery or crockery, some clothes…anything really. It will stay in their bag all day and only they will touch it in order to show the class.

We were very excited to have the Montagu coaches back in this week. They played lots of games with us outside including one where we had to balance cones on our heads! Our co-ordination and control was really tested!

We cannot wait for another week of learning next week. We have really shown that we are up to the new challenges of Year Two so can’t wait to see what next week brings.

A couple of reminders:

  • Some of the children’s feet have grown lots in the holidays. Please can you check their PE shoes still fit as some were a bit of a squeeze this week.
  • Please remember to read at least 3x a week at home and record in the reading Record when you do. If your child reads 5x they enter the Regular Reader draw to win a book.
  • Don’t forget your item from home for our Science lesson on Monday.

Thank you

4th September 2020

It is lovely to welcome you all back to school this week and we have enjoyed getting to know you all.

We have had a busy few days but you have all settled in beautifully and enjoyed your first week back in Year 2!

Please remember to bring in reading books and reading records every day as these will be changed regularly.

We are looking forward to another busy week next week.

Mrs Pritlove, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Lewis