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Friday 7th July

Happy Friday! There’s been a countdown this week as the year 2’s have been super excited for the summer fair today! Can you believe we only have 2 weeks left?!

Year 2 have had a jam-packed couple of weeks, especially during Enrichment Week. The children showed excellent sportsmanship and determination during sports day, followed by a relaxing Yoga session, followed by Dinomania- what a morning we had!

In science we have continued to look at plants over time. We found out about germination and have been watching a broad bean seed begin the process. We will keep observing what happens over the next 2 weeks. We have also been observing the growth of plants when they are kept in different conditions. We have made drawings every week to evidence what is happening.

In Literacy we have been reading Grace and Family and this week we have been writing our own version of this. We have been doing lots of acting within reading and writing lessons too. Not only have we been storytelling to each other in pairs, but also in groups we have been acting out the story of Cinderella. We have had some excellent fairy godmothers and some very animated horrible step sisters!

We have had some lovely relaxing RE lessons recently where we have been listening to music from different religions. We reflected on how the music made believers feel and thought about what music we enjoy listening to and how it makes us feel. Speaking of music…what a treat it was to be able to watch the violin concert! We are so proud of all the children who took part- they showed great courage.

Finally, we have continued making caparisons between Gloucester and Kenya. We have focused on map work this week, using photos to identify key human and physical features.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Jones & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 23rd June

What a fabulous week the year 2’s have had. Even though it has been hot, the children have been amazing and produced some super learning!

During Worship on Tuesday, we had an online assembly led by 2 refugee children to celebrate world refugee day. Over 300 schools from across the country joined and it was lovely to be a part of it.

Throughout the week, we have been completing our big writes, recounting our trip to the library. All the children have been able to recall key pieces of information and have used a range of skills in their writing. Well done Year 2!

In music this week, we continued to develop our timings on the glockenspiel and added F Sharp into our notes. We sang our new song ‘four white horses’ beautifully. We found the lyrics ‘shallow bay is a ripe banana’ exceedingly funny!

In computing, we have familiarised ourselves with ScratchJr and the children have been exploring sequences and outcomes. The children were able to predict where they thought Sprite might end up and enjoyed inputting the sequences.

We have continued to work on the activities for sports day in our PE sessions and practised hurdles this week. The children were fantastic at clearing the hurdles and only 1 was knocked over the entire session. Our sports coach was very pleased!

On Friday, we had Jack Rutter come into school to practice some skills with us and tell us about how he got into sport and his journey. The children were really engaged and asked lots of questions during our whole class assembly. The children had the opportunity to practice a few skills with Jack and he was impressed with the effort shown by all children.  Jack had a variety of activities for the children to complete and they were amazing!

Finally, we are sure you will all join us in saying a huge thank you, good luck and goodbye to our lovely Mrs Norton! Her last day is Tuesday and we are going to miss her- both children and teachers! Mrs Norton, we wish you all the best in your teaching career!

Have a wonderful weekend in the sun.

Mrs Jones, Mrs Pritlove & Mrs Norton

Friday 9th June

Welcome back for the final half term before the summer holidays! We hope you had a wonderful break with lots of fun in this glorious sun.

The year 2’s have had a wonderful week back at school and have impressed everyone with their learning!

We have all enjoyed hearing about what everyone got up to during the half term.

During our first worship back, we were able to watch a small story acted out from the Bible by the fabulous ‘Open the book’ who even asked some of us for our help! The children have really grown in confidence and enjoyed performing to the entire school.

In RE, we began to look at our question for the term – What makes some places sacred to believes? The children were able to explain what sacred meant and why objects were sacred to Christians before discussing how this can differ for different religions.

In Music, we learnt a new song called ‘The sunshine song’ and even played C, D, E and F on the glockenspiel to the backing tune! The children broke off into groups to practice each sequence before returning to practice as a class. I think Mrs Norton went home still saying ‘C,D,E,F – F,E,D,C!’

In PE, we began to practise events ready for our sports day. We ran a variety of distances as well as completing laps around the edge of the field. Everyone made a super effort and impressed the coach with our perseverance on the last lap. Next week we will be practicing for our hurdling event.

Let’s hope the sunny weather continues over the weekend as well!

Mrs Norton, Mrs Jones & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 26th May

We cannot believe it is half term and we only have one more term until the summer holidays! Time really is flying.

Despite being super busy with tests (which the children have worked their socks off in) we have still had lots of fun this week.

We had a fantastic trip to the library yesterday on a ‘Green and Wild’ workshop. The children got to use lots of different tools to create a bug home which we have put in our forest school area. A big thank you to our parent helpers who got stuck in yesterday and got us there and back safely ?

And as a final treat for our brilliant Year 2’s, this afternoon we had popcorn and a film AND no homework for the half term!

In between all of this, we have managed to squeeze in a Big Write- which again we are super impressed with, some IT, PSHE and we have been completing a coronation activity pack too. We have also almost finished our Walter Tull unit. This week we focused on making comparisons between Walter Tull and Nicola Adams and also how Walter felt during a particular match at Bristol where he experienced discrimination against his race. Following this lesson, we designed posters about racism in sport. We looked at websites such as ‘Kick it out’ and ‘Show racism the red card’ to help us design our posters.

A HUGE well done to you Year 2, for working super hard (as always) but doing this with so much joy. We are incredibly proud of all of you and we hope you have lots of fun in the sun this half term.

Mrs Jones & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 12th May

This half term is going incredibly quickly! Week 4 down already and only 2 more to go.

We hope you all had a fun, long weekend celebrating the King’s coronation.

First of all, a huge well done to our Year 2’s for their fabulous WOW assembly on Wednesday! We do hope you enjoyed it- we really did!

As always, Year 2 have been working super hard alongside all the WOW assembly practise…

In History we have continued finding out about Walter Tull. We explored his childhood- the good and the bad. We reflected on our own childhoods (so far!) and shared times where we have been very happy and other times where we have felt sorrow.

We have explored the evolution of football kits- how they have changed over time and why. We have created our own football kits inspired by the 1900’s and football kits inspired by those now.

In R.E. we have been learning how God brings peace to Christians and how others find peace- peace in ourselves, peace with others and peace with the world. We created some beautiful posters illustrating the different types of peace.

We have also been exploring how church is good news for Christians as it is a place to get together as a community, somewhere for Christians to feel close to God, a place where Christians can forgive and be forgiven and a peaceful place where Christians can reflect. As a class we thought about places and people we can go to in school to help us find peace or somewhere we can reflect.

In Science we have been finding out about nocturnal animals and how certain animals adapt to living in the dark. We have also been nature spotters in science! We went on a nature hunt to explore habitats, find mini beast and look at flowers, trees and plants in our outdoor school environment.

Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!

Mrs Jones & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 28th April

We have a new teacher joining us for the next 9 weeks. Please give Mrs Norton a warm welcome! She is doing her teacher training with us and has been enjoying getting to know the Year 2 children and has settled in brilliantly.

This term in History, we are finding out about Walter Tull. We have explored why he is such a significant man in history and we have also found out a little bit about his childhood. We are excited to find out more in the next few weeks!

In R.E we are studying Christianity and our key question this term is ‘What is the good news Jesus brings?’ Last week we learnt the Bible story of Matthew the Tax Collector. We had lots of fun acting the story out in groups and then we talked about what we thought ‘the good news’ was from the story. This week we have been recapping our previous learning about forgiveness. We remembered a time when we had found it difficult to forgive and how we overcame that. We talked about how Jesus is forgiving and how this is also good news.

In PE we have moved on from dance and we are now focusing on developing our skills in preparation for Sports Day! Last week we were practicing our throwing/rolling, aiming and catching skills. This week we have been focusing on our cricket skills. We had a little practise at our bowling; trying to hit the wickets and we also had a go at batting.

Practice for our WOW assembly is well underway! Thank you so much for your support in props and costumes/outfits for the children. We are very much looking forward to you joining us so that we can share our learning with you.

In science this week we went out to Forest School to find caterpillars and find out what habitat they live in. We found out they can live in lots of different places, like a bug hotel or in logs, in the grass and on leaves. We used the caterpillars we found (pretend ones) to gather and record data and find out which caterpillars will survive!

Fingers crossed for some summer sunshine soon! Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Jones & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 31st March

We made it Year Two! What a busy and exciting week we have had for the final week of the Spring Term.

The start of our week was very musical with performances from the Carducci String Quartet followed by our iRockers showing us all of the skills they have learnt during their iRock sessions.

I’m Maths we have learned how to add amounts of money and in Literacy we wrote our own versions of story ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’.

This week, we have completed lots of assessments to see how much we have learned this term. Miss Bratt and I are excremely proud of all of you and the progress you have made! You have definitely earned a break Year Two!

Enjoy your Easter holidays and we will see you next term.

Mrs Pritlove and Miss Bratt

Friday 17th March

Science week has been brilliant! We have absolutely loved all our visitors and experiments and we are excited to share some of our science learning next week in a whole school science worship!

We had so much fun in PE this week with our first dance session with Megan. We learnt the first section of a dance routine to a song from the film Aladdin! The children learnt the first part of the routine super quickly and we are just as excited to learn more next week.

In RE we recapped the Christian Easter story. We talked about the key events that happened and sequenced some pictures from the story in order. We also talked about how eggs, pancakes, flowers and hot cross buns all have a meaning related to Christians at Easter. Following this, we created an egg shaped collage using lots of pictures relating to Easter time.

In Maths we have continued to learn about time and we have focused on telling quarter to and quarter past times. The children were excellent at this in class and will hopefully fly through their maths homework this week!

We have been making pictograms in computing this week, both paper based and on the laptops. We talked about how making pictograms and collecting data for them are much quicker and easier when making them on the computer. We collected data on what our favourite colours are and then shared what we had found out from looking back at the pictogram.

Just 2 more weeks till the end of term and still lots of learning to cram in! Have a restful weekend and we’ll see you bright and early Monday morning!

Miss Bratt and Mrs Pritlove

Friday 10th March

Well done Year 2- week 2 done!

In DT we are going to be designing and making our own hand puppets. This week we have been exploring different hand puppets to inspire us when designing our own. We did little evaluations on some of the puppets we explored to help us decide what sort of puppet we would like to make.

In Maths we have continued to look at fractions and we have focused on ¾ in the later part of this week. We explored how we can represent /4 in different ways and we have also been practising using the correct mathematical vocab when describing fractions, as well as when writing the answer to the Twist It in the lesson.

Another week, another gymnastics lesson with Joe! This week we had the large apparatus out and we were travelling over it in different ways, practising and holding a range of balance positions and learning how to jump and land safely.

In R.E. we had an Easter Labyrinth which enabled us to recap the story of Easter but also delve a little deeper.  We watched video clips which explained each part of the story and then we had some sensory activities to go alongside these- for example, sharing bread and blackcurrant squash to represent the last supper.

Finally, in science this week we have ben exploring and finding objects which are living, dead or never lived. We talked about how we can identify living things by using MRS GREN. We discussed what each letter of MRS GREN stands for and what it means. We then used this new knowledge to sort objects we had found into the 3 groups; living, dead or never lived.

Next week is Science Week so we can look forward to some special worships, visitors and lots of science activities and experiments!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Bratt and Mrs Pritlove

Friday 3rd March

What a lovely first week back ? we have heard all about the children’s half term adventures and the children have settled straight back into their little routine and learning here at school.

We had the most wonderful, cosy World Book Day (WBD) on Thursday! Lots of snuggled up reading time, we designed our own crazy characters, made a book mark and we had a special worship for WBD led by School Council. It was wonderful to see the children enjoying sharing their books from home. Don’t forget to get your free book with your book token!

This term in P.E. we are doing gymnastics with sports coach Joe and our first lesson was A LOT of fun. We concentrated on stretching, posture and we did this through different activities with a partner. The children (and teachers) had some really proud moments in this lesson- a few first-time forward roles!!

In Geography we have started to learning about the world’s oceans and continents. We discussed what a continent and ocean is and then we learnt a song to help us remember the continent names. Following this we practised locating these oceans and continents on a world map and we will continue this learning next week too.

We have started a new unit in R.E. and our focus question for the term is ‘Why does Easter matter to Christians?’ We did a little recap on the Easter story and what happens in it and we also sequenced pictures from the story in the correct order.

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you next week ?

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 17th February

HAPPY HALF TERM YEAR 2! We have had a busy week, where the children have been showing us how much they have learnt this half term and all we can say is WOW. Year 2 have absolutely smashed their Big Writes this week and have really impressed us in all there end of unit assessments.

Year 2, your brains must be ready for a little break now! We’ve had a lovely crafty afternoon today as the children have filled their class pom-pom jar.  Thank you for working so hard, as you always do. Have the best half term and we’ll see you in a week.

Miss Bratt and Mrs Pritlove

Friday 10th February

We cannot believe it is almost the end of the first spring half term! Another busy week in Year 2, starting the week off with Safer Internet Day. The children did lots of lovely activities to develop and build upon their previous knowledge from our class lessons. The Year 2’s shared their learning in a special Internet Safety assembly on Tuesday and they were fab!

In History the children are beginning to round up their learning from their unit of work on Brunel and this week, they designed a memorial for Brunel. The will finish the unit next week by writing up all of what they have learnt this term.

The children are doing lots of preparation in Literacy, for their Big Write this week. The children are writing their own recounts about their trip to Viney Hill and they are absolutely brilliant. The children are using many (if not all) of the skills that have been taught this year in their writing and are making sure they edit their work carefully to make sure their sentences make sense and spellings are correct. Well done Year 2- looking forward to next week’s Big Write challenge!

The children have loved Maths this week! Lots of practical activities where the children have been measuring objects accurately in cm’s. They worked brilliantly in their groups and particularly enjoyed measuring the height of each other.

We’re also coming to the end of our second unit of Islam I R.E. This week we had a discussion-based lesson where we talked about what Muslims might consider most important out of a choice of two things, for example…watching TV o reading the holy Quar’an. Som of the choices were quite tricky to choose between but the children gave some excellent reasoning and explanations, backing it up what they have learnt about Islam.

Finally, in Science this week we have been describing the importance of human’s hygiene with a particular focus on handwashing. The children made some excellent posters to inform other on how washing our hands regularly and at particular times, can stop the spread of unwanted germs!

Have wonderful weekend Year 2. 1 week to go and you can relax and recharge ?

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 3rd February

We have had the best week in Year 2!

Our class Trip on Wednesday was absolutely brilliant! The children got so much out of it and it will really enhance our History and Literacy lessons over the next few weeks. We were super proud of how much Year 2 knew prior to the trip and how well they represented Clearwater whilst out and about. And finally, a big thank you to our parent helper or joining us.

Even though we have been out for a day, we have still managed to cram in lots of learning. In PSHE we have been learning about who to go to if you are worried and how to attract their attention and ways that we can help these people look after us.

In History we have been exploring what was significant about Brunell’s bridges and experimented building our own bridges.

In Science we have been discussing and sorting things that are living and non-living as well as things that used to live.

We have continued to explore colour through painting and specifically focused on darkening colours without using black. We have also challenged ourselves to mix colours to match those of the natural world- colour which may have a less defined name.

We have ended our week on a real high, with a special cricket session this afternoon!

We hope you have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 27th January

Happy Friday Year 2! And what a wonderful week we have had. We can’t believe how quickly these weeks are going!

This week in Literacy we have been learning how to use commas in a list in lots of different contexts. We have also been learning and practising spelling rules in our phonics lessons and making sure we remember to use these rules in our other lessons.

In Maths we have got the scales out and have been weighing in grams and kilograms. The children have been learning to read scales that go up in divisions of ones, twos, fives and tens.

Some Year 3 children joined us for computing this week and we had so much fun creating our own mats to use our blue-bots on. The children made their own algorithms to navigate their bots around their mats.

We were amazed this week in R.E when learning about Hajj pilgrimage- the special journey that some Muslims make. We watched a fascinating video which showed us what happens and we then reflected, and thought about places that are special to us and why.

In Science we have continued to find out about how to keep ourselves healthy and this week we have focused on teeth hygiene. We found out lots of different ways to look after our teeth and what might happen if we don’t look after them. We created posters to show people how to care for their teeth.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to next week when we are going on our school trip!

Friday 20th January

What a busy week we have had!

Year 2 have continued to work super hard this week- we have had lots of WOW moments which have been celebrated. Year 2 are really taking responsibility for their learning- well done!

In Literacy we have been finding out about different people and characters and writing questions we would like to ask them. We have been punctuating our questions with a question mark and making sure our questions start with words such as how, what, where and why. In phonics we have been practising spelling words which sound like they end in ‘ul’ but they are actually spelt ‘le’ at the end of words.

We have been excellent mathematicians this week. We have been recalling multiplication and division facts of 5 and we have also been doing lots of problem solving, remembering to always show our jottings.

We got the paint out this week in Art and we have been exploring colour by making our own colour wheels. We will continue this next week as we haven’t finished just yet.

In Computing we have been learning about algorithms and how you can use the same commands in different orders to move blue-bots to given places on the mats. We reminded ourselves that our algorithms must be clear and precise to ensure our blue-bots get to the desired destinations. The children worked brilliantly in pairs to do this.

Not only have we had a fabulous PE session with our sports coach this week but we have also been doing some exercise in Science too! We carried out a simple experiment to find out which exercises got us most out of puff! In pairs we recorded our findings and shared them with the rest of the class.

Rest and recharge this weekend Year 2 and get ready for another busy week ahead!

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 13th January

Our first full week back after the holidays and Year 2 are focused and ready to learn!

This week and last week, we have had so much fun in music, practising how to clap and move to a beat. The children really improved throughout the lessons and they were able to learn the lyrics to a new song in just one lesson!

In History we have started learning about who Isambard Brunel was. We have started to carry out some research, ask questions and write key facts about his life. We are excited to find out more!

In R.E. we have been looking at ‘prayer’ from the five pillars of Islam. We watched a video about a little boy who is Muslim and he told us Muslims must pray 5 times a day at certain times. We have learnt the movement which go with the prayer and also listen to Muslims ‘call to prayer’ music.

In Maths we have been working super hard on our multiplication and division facts for 10 and using jottings to help us work these out. We have also had a little recap o odd and even number.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 16th December

What a fun-packed final week in Year 2! We’ve had lots of finishing off to do but we have also had A LOT of fun too.

In DT we designed, made and evaluated our own fruit smoothies- this was very tasty and we enjoyed using the blenders!! The children were excellent at talking about how they adapted their smoothies to get it to the correct taste and texture.

In R.E. we have been learning about Christian advent celebrations. Last week we looked at the advent wreath and this week we found out about Christingle. We even made our own!

Wednesday we have the most delicious Christmas dinner followed by our Christmas party! It was an afternoon of party games which we shared with Year 1- the teachers would love to know where the children get their dance moves from?! Then we headed back to class to play pass the parcel and we decorated snowmen biscuits.

To finish off our Geography topic, the children have worked hard to create a double page spread on what they have found out about the Uk’s capital cities. They have really demonstrated what they have learnt in Geography but also used so many skills they have been taught in Literacy- well done Year 2.

In between all of this the children have continued with Maths, Literacy and Reading and we have squeezed in some quizzes too. Year 2, as always, thank you for working so, so hard- you are all amazing!

Have the most magical  Christmas and we will look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove


Friday 9th December

What an amazing week we have had in Year Two!

On Monday and Tuesday we performed our Nativity play ‘Baarmy Bethlehem’ in front of all of our parents. We raised the roof off with our fabulous singing, dancing and acting. All of our teachers and parents were incredibly proud of us and we had the best time putting on a show for them.

On Wednesday, we visited the Forest of Dean for an outdoors ‘Experience Christmas’ adventure. Our day at the Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre was amazing! We explored underground tunnels whilst thinking about how the light on our head torches linked to Jesus being the light of the world for Christians. We worked as a team to carry presents across an obstacle course…just like the Kings would have had to make a difficult journey to visit baby Jesus with their gold, frankincense and myrrh. Finally, we used a flint to make fire and sat round the campfire reflecting on how the angels visited the shepherds up on the hills. We had so much fun and loved every activity.

In Forest School, we made shelters and thought carefully about what animals need to survive (linked to our Science topic).

During Literacy, we had to write a letter to Santa to convince him not to cancel Christmas. Thankfully, he listened to us and is going to trim his beard on Boxing Day instead!

We continued our work on the UK in Geography and used atlases to locate the four capital cities. We really enjoyed this activity and were very intrigued by the maps. Perhaps you can have a look in any atlases you have at home Year Two…

What a busy yet brilliant week!

Next week is the final week of term….at last it’s time to…PARTY PARTY PARTY!

Have a fabulous weekend Year Two,

Mrs Pritlove and Miss Bratt

Friday 25th November

A rather wet week but it hasn’t dampened our days!

We are VERY excited about our Christmas play and have been doing lots of rehearsals and will continue this into next week ready for our official performance!

Speaking of Christmas, this week in R.E. we have been finding out about the importance of giving at Christmas. We found out about some charities, such as Christian Aid, and what they do to help and give at Christmas. We talked about how you don’t need lots of money to ‘give’ something at Christmas. It could be the gift of your time, kindness or love. The children gave some excellent and thoughtful responses in this lesson.

In Maths we have been sorting 3D and 2D shapes in different ways and talking about their properties. The children are getting confident at using the correct mathematical language when talking about shapes and this has particularly impressed us this week. We have also been comparing 2D and 3D shape- talking about their similarities and differences, again using the correct mathematical language.

In Literacy we have been writing exclamation sentences. We watched a video clip of Arthur Christmas and as a class mapped the story out. Following this, we have been writing a recount, using exclamation sentences. We will continue developing this skill next week too.

Finally, in P.E. we started learning about the skills and rules of Netball. We had some very competitive games this week, which the children LOVED and were VERY excited come the end of the lesson.

Have a fabulous weekend and let’s hope for a little bit of sunshine too!

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 18th November

What a fabulous week we have had in Year Two!

On Monday we had a visit from Mrs Hounsell and her baby Flora. She talked to us all about how to keep Flora safe, happy and healthy. We learned about how Flora had changed since she was born and what she can do now that she couldn’t do before. Flora is soooo cute!

On Tuesday we walked (in the rain!) to Meadowside Primary and had a talk from the author Hannah Shaw. She read two of her stories to us and taught us how to draw slugs and a badger. It was amazing to meet an actual author and illustrator. Thank you to all the parents that helped us with our soggy walk to and from the school.

In Literacy, we have been learning a new writing skill of exclamation sentences. We saw a photo of a cheeky elf making a mess in Mrs Moss’ office and thought of lots of exclamation sentences to say. Eg: What a naughty elf he is! and How messy Mrs Moss’ office is!

Our work on Subtraction has continued in Maths. We have learned how to find the difference when numbers are close together and worked through some tricky problem solving tasks.

During our RE lesson, we discussed the Christian story of Jesus’ birth and how this links to incarnation. We used artistic impressions of baby Jesus in the stable and thought of ways in which these images show Jesus as a human but also how they show he is more ‘like God’. Mrs Pritlove was very impressed with our thoughtful responses.

On Friday, we continued our Geography work on the UK. We learned some important Geographical vocabulary and learned to distinguish between a village, town, city, country and continent. We also learned the difference between a sea and an ocean. Perhaps, Year Two, you can explain this vocabulary to someone at home.

Thank you for your continued support at home with helping the children to learn their lines for the Christmas play. We have noticed a big difference in how confidently they are delivering them in rehearsals. Please remember that costumes can be sent in once ready.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Pritlove and Miss Bratt

Friday 11th November

Week 2 done and dusted!

We have continued to focus on subtraction this week in Maths and we have had some challenges on the way! We have learnt about rounding to the nearest 10 and then compensating as well as practising different strategies to help us subtract.

In DT we have been tasting different fruits to see which ones we might like to use when making our own smoothies- this was a delicious lesson! We also talked about the importance of healthy eating and having a balanced diet.

In R.E. we have been learning about why Christmas is special to Christians and what better way to start than to share the story of Christmas. The children were brilliant at re-telling the story and were able to order pictures correctly and write a little bit of text for each one.

In Geography we have been looking at pictures of human and physical features in UK capital cities and sorting them. The children were fab at this and could remember lots of previous learning from Year 1.

Thank you to those children who have already brought in costumes for the Xmas play. Any queries about this, please do ask ?

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Pritlove & Miss Bratt

Friday 4th November

What a wonderful first week back after half term. Year 2 have come back full of beans and ready to learn!

You won’t believe this but we have already started practising for our Christmas Production! Lots of catchy, festive songs are in full swing and we have been organising speaking parts- how exciting!

In Science we are now focusing on the unit ‘Animals including humans’. We wrote about our previous learning of this unit and we have enjoyed looking at some super cute pictures of ourselves when we were babies.

In PSHE we have been thinking of ways we can calm ourselves and others down when we feel as though we are going to erupt! We thought of some very helpful strategies and we’ve recorded them in our PSHE floor book so we can refer back to them if we need them.

We have begun IT this term with an E-Safety lesson about Smart Speakers. We talked about whether they are ‘real people’ and how they work. We discussed why it is often better to ask some questions to an adult rather than a Smart Speaker.

We have had two sessions of R.E. this week- one introducing our new key question- Why does Christmas matter to Christians? And the other, we shared a story about a swallow named Sparkle. The story demonstrated to us that Christianity is all over the world not just in one country. We enjoyed sharing what we had learnt in a whole school worship this afternoon.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Thursday 20th October

Happy half term Year 2! Thank you for working so hard these last 7 weeks- we are super proud of you and the progress you have made.

On Monday we ended our Materials topic with an afternoon of experimenting! We were testing to find out which materials are water-poof by dunking them in trays of water and what materials are reflective. Following this, we thought about how these materials can harm our environment and what we can do to help.

In Literacy we completed our first Big Write in Year 2 and our teachers were blown away with our writing! In Phonics we have been recapping spellings of the homophones we have learnt this term and we learnt so new ones- hole/whole and bar/bear.

In R.E. w ended our unit on Islam but learning about the Quar’an and how it should be treated. In PSHE and IT we have been thinking about being kind when online and also ways to keep safe online when at home and in school. The children have learnt so much about this and this reflected I their answers.

Thank you for all your hard work this term. Have a wonderful week off- you deserve it!

Miss Bratt and Mrs Pritlove

Friday 7th October 2022

Week 5 done and only 2 more weeks till the end of term! We do hope you enjoyed our Harvest celebration on Monday and again, thank you to those who helped walk us there and back safely.

This week in Maths we have continued to learn about 3D shapes and their properties using the correct mathematical vocabulary. Thank you to all those who have posted pictures on Class Dojo of your own shape hunts- we have been super impressed. We have then moved onto addition and using our knowledge of number bonds to help us to work out sums more efficiently in our heads.

In Literacy we received a letter from Fishy Girl! (you will have to ask the kids!) We wrote letters back to her persuading her not to go back into the washing machine and we tried to use as many coordinating conjunctions as we could. Year 2 have been smashing their spelling tests do please keep up the daily practise at home and we thank you for your support with this ?

We have completed our Van Gough Starry Night pictures and we have done a fab job of using pastels to create our own version of this, using Van Gough’s techniques.  In P.E. we continued to develop our skills in Rugby and we played lots of competitive games which we loved! Some excellent skills demonstrated and sportsmanship. In History we have been investigating jobs in the past at Gloucester Docks. We found out about some of these jobs and thought about which one we would have liked to have done and why we would have been good at it. In Science we have been testing materials to find out which is the best at letting light through. We have been learning the scientific vocabulary; transparent, translucent and opaque.

Finally, to end the week, we have been celebrating the brilliance of us all being different in our PSHE lesson. Building upon last week, we talked about our differences physically, our likes and dislikes and our families. We talked about how wonderful it is to live in a world where everyone is different and celebrated this by complimenting one another. We also discussed how sometimes, things we say to each other about our differences can be hurtful. We linked this to our ‘ow’ moments which we have been talking about in reflective worship. We had some time to reflect on how we should think carefully of others feelings. Year 2 really demonstrated what a kind, thoughtful and compassionate class they are. Thank you for all being you ?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Bratt and Mrs Pritlove.

Friday 30th September

Happy Friday from Year 2!

It’s been another busy week and we have been practising super hard for our Harvest celebration next Monday. We look forward to seeing lots of you there and thank you in advance to those parents who are helping us ?

A super fun start to this week was boat making in Science and then testing them in trays of water! The children are becoming confident in recognising and naming a range of materials and talking about their properties. Our little Scientists have enjoyed investigating some materials in more depth and are able to talk about their findings too.

In PSHCE we have linked learning about water safety to our learning of canals. We discussed the possible dangers and thought of ways to keep safe near the water. We have also been talking about the importance of celebrating our difference! We have talked about our likes and dislikes, our families and what makes us unique.

Today we had a zoom meeting with Miss Moosajee who kindly answered all our questions we had about our learning of Islam so far. We have also been exploring Allah’s 99 names- finding out why he has them and why there are just 99.

The children have been working super hard in Music these last few weeks and we have now learnt three notes- B, A and G. We are practising playing short tunes using these notes and continue to become increasingly familiar with the names of notes and how many beats they are.

In Maths we have been doing lots of learning about shape and finding out about vertical lines of symmetry. The children have really enjoyed this and we have set some Maths homework linked t this so that the children can build upon there learning at home too.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to our Harvest celebrations next week ?

Mrs Pritlove & Miss Bratt

Friday 23rd September

WOW Year 2, you have been brilliant this week! Super hard working and really trying your best in everything. Well done you!

We have continued our learning on expanded noun phrases and we have been writing them for different story setting pictures and after watching little snippets of The Gloucester Tall Boats Festival. The children have been using fantastic adjectives to describe their nouns and are becoming more familiar with using a comma.

In Maths we have been ordering numbers in different ways and also using 100 square to help us find 10 more or less than a given number. We talked about how the tens digit always changes but the ones stay the same.

In R.E. we have learnt about the Shahadah which is the first pillar of The 5 Pillars of Islam. We discussed why this is so important to Muslims and why they whisper it to new born babies. We then thought about what sort of things we might whisper to a baby. Following this we wrote down some questions that we would like to find out about Islam and next week we have a special zoo call with Miss Moosajee who is going to answer these for us!

We had a fantastic P.E. lesson this week with a real basket ball coach! He was SO impressed with our skills and how quickly we picked new ones up. We can’t wait to practise these skills again next week.

In art we have been learning about Van Gough and looking closely at his painting techniques and choice of colour. Using pastels, we have recreated his ‘Starry Night’ painting. We thought carefully about what colours and shades of colour we would use as well as tying out some of his techniques.

Well done for working super hard this week Year 2. Have a fantastic weekend.

Mrs Pritlove & Miss Bratt

Friday 16th September

We have had a super week in Year 2 and the children have continued to impress us with their attitude towards their learning and their perseverance.

This week in Literacy we have been learning about expanded noun phrases. We have been thinking o excellent adjectives to put before a noun to give more detail. We have also learnt about homophones and we’ve been practising spelling these correctly in the right context.

In Maths we have been comparing two 2-digit numbers using < > and =. This is also our homework this week so please have a good go at this! In Maths we have looked at ordering number in different ways and placing numbers on empty number lines. We certainly have been little mathematicians this week!

In Computing we have been learning about what Information Technology is- what it looks like and what it doesn’t look like. In Science we have continued our learning of materials and in History we have been exploring artefacts from the Gloucester Waterways Museum. The children were brilliant at being ‘History Detectives’ and we found out lots of interesting facts.

We loved having our sports coaches back this week and we had a super fun lesson on how to use our bodies to move in different ways. We also had great fun at the end by playing Octopus Tag!

A little reminder- please make sure your child has a water bottle in school. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 9th September

What a wonderful first week back after the summer holidays!

It has been lovely to hear about what the children have been up to these past six weeks- they have definitely had lots of fun!

The children have settled brilliantly into Year 2 (already!!) and we have warmly welcomed two new members to our Year 2 class!

To begin with, we have had lots of time to remind ourselves of our school rules, new classroom rules and a reminder of our ‘Class Powers’. We have used this to help us tackle our first challenges in the Year 2 curriculum and we have been blown away by all of you!

In Literacy we have had a little refresh on basic punctuation- capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have also reminded ourselves of adjectives, nouns and verbs and we have learnt about pronouns now too.

In Maths we have looked at partitioning 2-digit numbers in different ways using our base tens resources. We have set some follow up homework for this so the children can practise at home.

This week we began learning how to play the recorder. We each have a recorder of our own which lives in our drawer now. We learnt about the different notes; a crochet and a minim and how many beats they are. We have learnt the note B and successfully played a little tune!

In Science we have begun our materials topic and went on a materials hunt and discussed their properties. In computing we have been talking about how to stay safe online and the importance of ‘Pausing and Thinking’. In RE we have introduced the religion Islam and we looked at some interesting artefacts and we explored and discussed what they could be.

You won’t believe it but we have actually done lots, lots more, as well as the above!

We have many tired faces this afternoon, so make sure you have a restful weekend ready for week 2!

Have a lovely Weekend.

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove

Friday 16th September

We have had a super week in Year 2 and the children have continued to impress us with their attitude towards their learning and their perseverance.

This week in Literacy we have been learning about expanded noun phrases. We have been thinking o excellent adjectives to put before a noun to give more detail. We have also learnt about homophones and we’ve been practising spelling these correctly in the right context.

In Maths we have been comparing two 2-digit numbers using < > and =. This is also our homework this week so please have a good go at this! In Maths we have looked at ordering number in different ways and placing numbers on empty number lines. We certainly have been little mathematicians this week!

In Computing we have been learning about what Information Technology is- what it looks like and what it doesn’t look like. In Science we have continued our learning of materials and in History we have been exploring artefacts from the Gloucester Waterways Museum. The children were brilliant at being ‘History Detectives’ and we found out lots of interesting facts.

We loved having our sports coaches back this week and we had a super fun lesson on how to use our bodies to move in different ways. We also had great fun at the end by playing Octopus Tag!

A little reminder- please make sure your child has a water bottle in school. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Bratt & Mrs Pritlove