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Please find our Knowledge Organiser here: Knowledge Organiser Year3 Autumn

25th September 2020

We’ve had a busy week again in Year 3 with lots of new learning!  Our KS2 ‘Learning Powers’ characters have been shared with the class recently and children have been working on improving their Growth Mindset. Children were excited to see their favourite ‘SING’ characters representing each power and they have been aiming to show off their learning powers to secure the prize of a special trophy which stays on their table all day! Take a look at our new characters below.

We loved watching a clip of Meena Elephant demonstrating the ‘Have a Go!’ power and one member of our class was the first child to earn the ‘Have a Go’ trophy! Check this week’s class photos to see which pupil is our ‘Have a Go’ champion!

In English, our new target has been to write commas in a list and we have written some amazing character descriptions of ‘Abdul Kazam’ from ‘Leon and the Place Between.’ This week’s reading sessions have focussed on ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and we’ve enjoyed finding out more about the characters, ‘Bunce, Boggis and Bean!’ Our vocabulary is expanding all the time thanks to our ‘word of the day!’ Ask your child about the new words they have learned this week. One of the words we delved into was ‘beastly.’ I was delighted to welcome a ‘star pupil’ into school this morning to tell me how beastly the weather was! I hope the new words are being shared at home too!

In Maths, we have been counting in 50’s and 100’s and also counting on and back in tens. Lots of practise is definitely paying off and the children may be counting to tens in their sleep!

In our History lessons, we have started finding out about timelines. Children loved making their own timelines and it was very interesting to find out about the special moments in their lives! We will begin looking at a range of historical periods of time on a timeline next week and a special sticker will be given to the first pupil to tell me what BC and AD stands for on Monday!

In Science, I brought in a few dead plants from my garden and children worked collaboratively when discussing what may have happened to the plants. We then wrote out a list of reasons as to why plants may die. This important learning will help with our plant investigation.

Thank you parents for helping out with the spellings this week! The results were much higher than the week before and it was clear to see that children had put in a lot of practise at home – well done, children! The home learning on Class Dojo is now available and this weekend, homework can be accessed using the website or app. I will still send out spellings as it good for children to keep a paper copy and to practise their handwriting at the same time.

I hope the information on what we have been doing helps as I know from experience that children don’t always tell you what they’ve done at school! Any questions, please ask.

Miss Harding

18th September 2020

What another exciting week to be at school with all of our friends! Class 3 have been very lucky to have so many sunny playtimes and the children have loved sharing the play equipment together.

In our English lessons, we have been writing diary entries and witness statements when focusing on the characters in, ‘Leon and the Place Between.’ We have moved onto our new target and will be working on writing commas in a list.

In Maths, we have worked hard to consolidate and improve our understanding of place value. We placed 3 digit numbers on number lines and practised reading and writing 3 digit numbers in numerals and words.

During RE, we have been thinking about the creation story and the wonderful world God made. We designed our own fantastic posters to highlight the problems facing our planet today, such as pollution and deforestation.

Our Science topic is plants and we have labelled plants while identifying the function of each part. We enjoyed using the iPads to research the different parts of a plant and we will look forward to starting our first investigations very soon!

A few reminders for Class 3:

  • Remember PE kits please as we have PE lessons every Tuesday and Friday
  • Please practise spellings the children bring home as we have our spelling tests every Wednesday.
  • Reading at home with your child is invaluable and helps in all areas of the curriculum. Please read as regularly as possible (5 times a week is expected) and write a short note in the Reading Diary


11th September 2020

Class 3 have had such a busy week and all children have worked well to get into a good school routine. Following our class rules and remembering our values has been a big focus this week and we have had many reflective discussions surrounding ‘compassion’ and how to show kindness to others. Hopefully children can show lots of kindness at home this weekend!

In English, our target has been to use ‘a’ and ‘an’ correctly before a noun, e.g. ‘a ballerina,’ ‘an ocean.’ We have linked this target into our writing and worked well to complete descriptive paragraphs based on the story, ‘Leon and the Place Between.’

In Maths, we have worked our socks off to further develop our understanding of place value. We can now write 3 digit numbers in numerals and words while also being able partition three digit numbers in different ways.

Our Stone Age History topic started this week and we have focused on asking questions we would like to research. We had a few questions about Stone Age houses and we’re all looking forward to finding out more about people from the Stone Age and how they lived.

PE caused lots of excitement and we were delighted to start our weekly sessions with Montagu Academy!

Homework has also started this week and children should have brought this home to you with a note on the front cover explaining the expectations.  Please work hard to learn your new spellings as we have our first spelling test on Wednesday.

Learning to behave like a junior is hard work and I have been delighted to see children already improving their level of independence in lessons. The photos included show some of the wonderful work completed in class this week!

Miss Harding

4th September 2020

What a wonderful first week back for Class 3 who are now officially juniors!  All of the children have enjoyed settling into our brand new classroom and the reading corner has already been a BIG hit! I’m so pleased that children love reading already and we’re going to enjoy lots of stories together this year!

It has been fun getting to know each pupil and we’ve been busy making a class ‘All About Me’ book. I have found out lots of interesting facts about the children already! Some pupils have requested that myself, Miss Whitelock and Miss Noble also make our own poster to add to the book. I think they’re looking forward to getting to know us better too!

In the first couple of days, children also worked well with their partners to consider our new class rules. Parents- you’d be so proud of their responses as they all agreed to show kindness towards one another. One rule children decided upon was treating others in the same way as they would like to be treated themselves! What a grown up response!

This week, we’ve thought carefully about developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ and how our positive attitude will help us with our learning this year. We discussed how JK Rowling made many errors but thankfully didn’t give up- great news for us as without her resilience, we wouldn’t know anything about Harry Potter! We also found out about all of Michael Jordan’s failures and how his many set-backs in life and ability to get up and try again, helped him to become one of the most successful sportsmen in the world! We are currently in the process of inventing our own Key Stage Two Growth Mindset characters – watch this space!

It has been a lovely first week for me since joining the Clearwater family! I have been made to feel very welcome thanks to all the children’s helpful requests. We are going to have a great year!

Miss Harding