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14th January 2022

This week, Year 4 built on our learning from our COP26 project last term and focussed on our world and the environment through an RE Day. We thought about how we can look after the world around us and how people from different religions are actively encouraged through their various faiths to treat the world in a responsible way.

We then looked at ‘God’s Good Earth’ and recapped the story of Creation. We set up a ‘Conscious Alley’ oracy activity where one side of the alley represented ‘good’ – the people on the ‘good’ side told a person walking through the alley, lots of good things about our world. The people on the ‘bad’ side, said bad things about our word today. We collated our ideas onto a whole-class good and bad board and then created a drawing of the earth showing both good and bad elements of life today as an artistic response.

We looked at the Jewish phrase ‘tikkun olam’ which means mending the world. We read Hannah’s story to look at examples of how she was trying to ‘mend the world’. We also looked at the Jewish New Year (Tu B’shevat) and learned how individuals or whole synagogues often go to plant trees as part of this festival.

Mrs Le Templier

17th December 2021

What a wonderfully festive and busy week we have had in Year 4!

Linked to our school values of Joy, Compassion, Community and Responsibility, we have completed our Soup Kitchen project. We have enjoyed every stage of this process, from researching the purpose and value of community kitchens, to learning all about healthy food and how we can ensure a meal is balanced to making our soup! We peeled, chopped, combined, cooked, blitzed and served –  Mrs Moss and Mrs McEwan even managed to have a taste!

We had many ‘wow’ moments this week in our learning. The most memorable being when Mrs Le Templier lifted the lid on the soup and we saw our science learning in action – the steam (water vapour) was evaporating in front of our eyes and there was so much condensation on the pans lid!

Another was when we were practically poised tentatively on the edge of our seats as we came to the end of the stunning Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have immensely enjoyed reading, discussing, inferring, predicting, explaining and writing about it. I think it will stick as one of the favourites!

Mrs Le Templier would like to congratulate all children on their fantastic effort, focus and smiles over the term. It has been a triumph, and that is of great credit to the children.

10th December 2021

What a magical and festive week we’ve had in Year 4!

Perfectly embodying our value of Joy, the entire class delivered a sterling performance for our KS2 Carol Concert – the singing was excellent and warmed the audience to the core; the story of Christmas was told with clarity, enthusiasm and light-touch humour and the spirit of Christmas shone through from the children’s faces. A huge well done to everyone involved.

In literacy, we have been preparing for our Big Write by planning what we want to include in our Witness Statements. In doing so, we have come to realise that there is so much that can be said regarding Kensuke and Michael’s interactions and relationship and that we are feeling sad that we will soon have finished the book completely! Year 4 have been eager to explore more stories written by Michael Morpurgo now!

In Collective Worship this week, we have been thinking about our value of Respect and how closely linked it is to all of our other values. Year 4 have been keen to express how giving respect can spark joy, show responsibility, and show compassion.

From reflecting on how we can help to make others’ lives more colourful, we have literally been learning about the colours in French! It is safe to say that our confidence and pronunciation has developed brilliantly.

Mrs Le Templier

3rd December 2021

This week, Year 4 were excited to notice that, due to the temperature plummet, there was ice everywhere outside. It was gathered on chairs, it clung to blades of grass and it made the ground rather slippery in places! The enthusiastic scientists that we are, the children immediately made the link to their states of matter learning in science, following on from our ‘changing states’ lesson last week.

We have launched our Design and Technology project this week and are focussing on food and healthy eating. We have learned all about the importance and impact of food kitchens in the UK and we are now going to design a recipe and make soup fit for a soup kitchen. Year 4 were forthcoming in linking all of our school values to this project too!

In our writing lessons, we have been learning all about how we can ensure paragraphs are cohesive using noun and pronoun chains and we have reflected that it makes our writing flow beautifully. Building towards our Big Write, we have been focusing on recounts – this week we have recounting the first time Michael saw Kensuke’s cave.

The reading culture in Year 4 is buzzing! In addition to all of the lovely reading we do in school, the children have decided to have a ‘class book borrow’. After talking about our favourite authors and reading at home, the children expressed their wish to share some of these books with other children in the class. In class, we have been thinking all about our ‘likes’, ‘dislikes’, ‘puzzles’ and ‘connections’ regarding all things Kensuke’s Kingdom – ask the children all about it!

Mrs Le Templier

26th November 2021

What a week it has been for Year 4! I have been immensely impressed by how hard everyone has been working and we have all shown great enthusiasm for our learning!

This week in science we saw with our very own eyes just how particles behave when an ice cube changes state from ice (a solid) to water (a liquid). By removing the blue and yellow ice cubes from the freezer and placing them in our classroom, we effectively heated the ice cubes because the classroom is significantly warmer. We observed that the yellow and green water particles flowed freely when in liquid state and made a green puddle! We also exemplified how particles move through becoming particles ourselves and moving according to what state we were representing.

In PE, we have been honing our basketball skills by practicing receiving the ball – where we need to be and when to stop – and our passing skills so that the ball less likely to be intercepted by any defenders.

In maths, we have been exploring how to use mental methods of addition. We have been exercising our brains well and have found that some previously-learned skills (such as rounding) can help us to add in our heads.

19th November 2021

This week, during Anti-Bullying Week, we have been shining a light on kindness and how the smallest of gestures can change the lives of everyone around us. We thought about a time when someone shared an act of kindness with us – however big or small – and described what effect it had on us.

In Geography, we have delved further into our study of different maps and have been focusing in Kasulu in Tanzania, which is our link school. We used our knowledge of map features to describe what we could find out about Kasulu from maps and we also used 8 points of the compass to describe where certain places are.

We have started to focus on mental methods of addition in maths and, in writing, we are conducting laser focus on how we group our writing into different paragraphs.  So far, in preparation for our Newspaper Report unit at the end of the term, we have written a witness account of when Michael met Kensuke and what he did to his fire, in Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Our learning about Kasulu led us beautifully into our RE Day where we replied to the letter we received from Kasulu School. During RE Day, we also retold the Story of the Mustard Seed by creating our own audio book using iMovie.

Mrs Le Templier

12th November 2021

To commemorate Remembrance this year, children in Year 4 have each made origami poppies to add to our wreath, we even included a purple one to represent the animals whose lives were sacrificed when serving our country.

There was an audible gasp from the class when we reached a critical point this week in Kensuke’s Kingdom. The entire class were on the edge of their seats as we found clues that Michael’s disappearance was about to happen. We have now reached the island that is Kensuke’s Kingdom and we are describing it in our writing through Michael’s eyes from the evidence provided in the book.

In RE this term, we are asking ourselves ‘What is the Trinity?’. After introducing the theme of water and its symbolism last week, we have we have continued exploring its use by looking at its the importance and symbolism of baptism to Christians and compared the differences between a baby’s christening and an adult’s baptism. As always, the children applied all that they have learned before – in RE and through our knowledge of the Trinity through Collective Worship – and engaged in thoughtful conversation around baptism.

After learning all about solids and liquids last week, this week we have been learning all about gas. We found evidence of its existence by weighing a deflated balloon vs an inflated one, smelling aromatherapy scents without our noses touching the cloths and squeezing a balloon underwater. We observed that all of the gas that was in the small pores of the sponge escaped through the water via bubbles and rose to the surface.

5th November 2021

What a wonderful start to Term 2 we’ve had in Year 4!

We have started to explore our new class text, Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and we can’t wait to find out what happens next! The whole class have been gripped by Michael’s account of what happened around his disappearance many years ago and there are so many things we want to know.

In literacy, we have used Kensuke’s Kingdom to inspire our writing which, this week, has included fronted adverbials to show where or how something happened in Michael’s diary reflecting on the day that ‘the letter’ arrived.

This week, we launched into space to view Earth from above, using real satellite images. We began our Geography unit by slowly coming to land in Quedgeley and then we further explored may different types and scales of map of our local, and wider area. After learning eight points of the compass, we used the maps of our wider area to describe places in relation to each other.

In Computing, we have begun our unit on audio editing, where we have been familiarising ourselves with digital devices capable of recording sound and playing audio. We learned all about inputs (microphones) and outputs (speakers) to devices and we have considered copyright and ownership issues relating to the recording of audio.

Throughout the week, we have been reflecting on our world and the climate crisis we face on Earth. A huge well done to all of the children who have contributed some excellent COP26 homework competition entries – we have an impressive array of imaginative and informative pieces!

Mrs Le Templier

15th October 2021

What a wonderfully busy week we’ve had in Year 4! On Monday, we welcomed Gloucester MP Richard Graham into our classroom where we shared our knowledge of the British Values and how we use them in school. For example, we shared how we used Democracy and Rule of Law to create our own classroom rules, while abiding to the value of ‘Respect’ and ‘Tolerance’. Our inquisitive panel of journalists then asked Mr Graham questions about his role in relation to our area and the British Values we hold – it led to wide and interesting discussion!

This week in Science, we have been thinking all about how we hear sounds and what helps some animals to hear even better than we do. We conducted a mini-experiment, by creating a variety of size cones to see if they help us to hear any better, building upon our previously-taught knowledge of how sound travels through the air.

In Literacy, we were sad yet excited to reach the end of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  We unpicked the final pages of the book in great detail in our reading lesson and we are now planning our own alternative endings for our Big Writes next week!

8th October 2021

We have been getting into the community spirit by preparing for our Harvest service. In doing so, we have been analysing, learning and performing a poem ‘When We See the Harvest’ which conveys a strong link between physically harvesting and sharing food and the compassion that is also important to share within a community.  We looked at the poem’s rhythm, rhyming couplets, intonation and how the children could adjust their tone of voice to convey meaning.

In Art, we have refined our sketching skills by looking at cross-hatching to show depth and shading. We recreated the setting description from our writing where Iron Man is in the scrap metal yard, eating anything he can lay his hands on!

During History we have been focussing on the importance and purpose of Hadrian’s Wall and what life might have been like on and around it. We have linked our writing to this and we are now writing home, Vindolanda Tablet- style.

In French, we enjoyed singing a conversation about asking people ‘How are you?’ with various responses. Year 4’s enthusiasm is ‘trés bien’!

1st October 2021

This week, we were delighted when doing our music lesson on ‘Mamma Mia’, there was a giant sound wave at the bottom of the screen. Because of our recent learning in Science about pitch and volume, we are able to ‘read’ the soundwave, looking at the amplitude to determine when the music would become louder and quieter and knowing that the length of the waves would determine the pitch of the sound. We made some wonderful and accurate predictions about what the song would do next just from looking at the soundwave!

As we have been working hard to gain further independence in our learning, it seemed appropriate that, in PSHCE, we have been learning about decisions that we can make for ourselves and those that others need to make for us. We differentiated between the two, reasoning why certain decisions are safe and good for us to make, while others are made by people who are responsible for caring for us.

In Maths, we have deepened our understanding of place value, and have been ordering 4-digit numbers in ascending and descending order. So many children were brilliant at explaining their reasoning when presented with somebody else’s misconception.

Mrs Le Templier

24th September 2021

This week Year 4 have been busy finding out why the Roman Army were so successful. After exploring what life was life in the Roman Army, and seeing what weapons and protection they had, it was no wonder they were master conquerors!

In RE, we have delved deeper into our unit on Hinduism and learned about how God (Brahman) is represented through an array of deities. Year 4 looked closely at what each of the deities represented and how they were all different sides of Brahman.

We are still completely engrossed in The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and it is showing in all of the detailed descriptions, letters and diaries from Hogarth’s perspective.

We are gearing up for our Harvest Festival by preparing our poetry recital. To do this, we are looking closely at our tone, pitch and rhythm of voice, volume and clear enunciation to reflect and clearly communicate the poem’s message.

Mrs Le Templier

17th September 2021

What a wonderful start Year 4 have had to the year!

Year 4 have calmly settled in their new classroom and are keen to explore their learning.

We have immersed ourselves in The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and have used what we have unveiled as a stimulus for our writing and reading. In our writing we are learning how to deepen our descriptions using expanded nouns phrases – so far we have written character and setting descriptions and have now moved onto our second writing skill.

In Maths, we have been deep-diving into the nitty-gritty of place value, looking at 4-digit numbers and the value of each digit.

In History, we are focussing on the Roman Invasion of Britain and we have begun to explore when and why the Romans invaded. In RE, we have begun our unit on Hinduism and have looked at how Hindu stories and symbols show a Hindu’s belief in Brahman (God). We have began our Science unit with gusto as we have explored how sound travels and the mediums through which it travels.

Well done Year 4 for starting the Year with such enthusiasm and focus!

Mrs Le Templier