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24th September 2021

This week Year 4 have been busy finding out why the Roman Army were so successful. After exploring what life was life in the Roman Army, and seeing what weapons and protection they had, it was no wonder they were master conquerors!

In RE, we have delved deeper into our unit on Hinduism and learned about how God (Brahman) is represented through an array of deities. Year 4 looked closely at what each of the deities represented and how they were all different sides of Brahman.

We are still completely engrossed in The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and it is showing in all of the detailed descriptions, letters and diaries from Hogarth’s perspective.

We are gearing up for our Harvest Festival by preparing our poetry recital. To do this, we are looking closely at our tone, pitch and rhythm of voice, volume and clear enunciation to reflect and clearly communicate the poem’s message.

Mrs Le Templier

17th September 2021

What a wonderful start Year 4 have had to the year!

Year 4 have calmly settled in their new classroom and are keen to explore their learning.

We have immersed ourselves in The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and have used what we have unveiled as a stimulus for our writing and reading. In our writing we are learning how to deepen our descriptions using expanded nouns phrases – so far we have written character and setting descriptions and have now moved onto our second writing skill.

In Maths, we have been deep-diving into the nitty-gritty of place value, looking at 4-digit numbers and the value of each digit.

In History, we are focussing on the Roman Invasion of Britain and we have begun to explore when and why the Romans invaded. In RE, we have begun our unit on Hinduism and have looked at how Hindu stories and symbols show a Hindu’s belief in Brahman (God). We have began our Science unit with gusto as we have explored how sound travels and the mediums through which it travels.

Well done Year 4 for starting the Year with such enthusiasm and focus!

Mrs Le Templier