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11th December 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! …especially for Clearwater Reception children (and their overly excited teacher!)

We have had another lovely week!

We recorded our Nativity; we hope you enjoyed it! Mrs Hounsell and the elves were so impressed, they literally jumped for joy 🙂

This week we’ve been ordering numbers 0-10, creating Christmas patterns and colouring by numbers.

The elves have been up to their usual Christmas mischief, bringing Christmas stories and games into our classroom. We hope they don’t get lost in the move to our new school!


4th December 2020


This week we have been joined by two cheeky Christmas elves and they have certainly been helping us spread Christmas cheer! We decided to name them Jingle Bells and Elfie. Mrs Hounsell and her Christmas wardrobe are in full flow and we are loving it with lots of paper chains and tinsel all around.

This week we have been looking at finding one less, using lots of different resources. We are becoming more confident at re-calling this with speed and have been able to correct Barney Bear during our twist its. Alongside this we have been exploring money and have created coin rubbings to recognise British coins.

This week we drew story maps to tell the story of the very first Christmas – this has helped us with our Nativity practise too! We have been hard at work singing and acting. Next week we will be showing Mrs Moss and Mrs Gough our Nativity – we are super excited for an audience before we film it for all of you at home!

Two more weeks to go and we are off to our shiny new school!!

27th November 2020

Well hasn’t it been a chilly one?! Good job we have lots of fun active learning to warm us up in Reception!
This week we have been like Chase and have been using our COOL CONCENTRATION! I wonder if you can notice it in our pictures?

In RE we have been re-telling the story of the very first Christmas. Mrs Hounsell read it from the Bible (we know this is a Christian’s special book) and we used small world characters to re-tell it.

In maths we have been exploring less. We have found this a bit trickier than more…then again who wants less of anything?! We compared groups of people, towers, finger patterns and numbers on a number line. We kept on trying like Sky would want us to and produced some brilliant mathematical language.

We have been loving learning through our play as usual and are becoming more confident applying our focused learning skills independently.

For anti-bullying week we wore odd socks. Mrs Hounsell seems to celebrate anti-bullying a lot!

Our reading skills are really progressing and Mrs Hounsell is super proud of us! She said if we all read at home this weekend then someone very special might visit our classroom next week…she wouldn’t say who but she said they wear a green hat and get up to lots of mischief!

Roll on December!

20th November 2020


Reception are officially road safe, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of us and our helmets out and about!

Road safety has been a huge success, lots of role play, posters, small world and important lessons learnt. Mrs Hounsell is very proud of how sensibly we behaved on wheeley day and how thoughtful we were when thinking about keeping ourselves and others safe.

In maths, we have been exploring finding one more, we have used a variety of manipulatives to support this.

We’re sorry to say but Christmas MAY have landed in Reception! (Mrs Hounsell’s not sorry at all!). We have been enjoying the Christmas story this week, thinking about the key characters and meaning behind the story. We have also had a jolly good sing-along, preparing for our Nativity. We are very excited to start practicing properly and show you all on Clas DoJo.

A few messages from Mrs Hounsell….

* Mums and Dads, please let me know if you have any questions/problems when it comes to costumes for the Nativity.

* Don’t forget I need to ‘quarantine’ books on a Tuesday, they will be returned on Thursday. Rest assured your child is reading and being read to every day at school.

* There will be no new pages in your letters and sounds homework book as we have completed phase 2 and will be spending lots of time recapping. We will still learn new tricky words, so please continue to practise these at home.

13th November 2020

We have officially learnt all our single letter graphemes. We are so proud of ourselves but as always, Mrs Hounsell is even more proud! We are growing in confidence every day with our recognition and blending skills.

This week we have continued writing within our play, we especially like using the chalk boards in the outdoor area.

In Maths we looked in detail at the number 7. We threw number 7 a birthday party, 7 guests, 7 plates, 7 pieces of cake etc.
Speaking of parties, we began our R.E. topic of why Christmas is special to Christians (don’t worry Mums and Dads, Mrs Hounsell hasn’t said the Big C word to us yet!). We talked about why birthdays are special and how we celebrate them. We had lots of fun throwing parties in the home corner.

We also looked at the concept of more. Building towers using more cubes, showing each other more fingers and finding more on a number line. Mrs Hounsell says more is always better…especially more chocolate!

We began our History based learning this week too. We sorted toys into whether we thought they belonged in our past or our present, before creating a timeline of toys we would use through our lives.

Mrs Hounsell said she spoke to you all on the phone this week…we know she said how lovely we all are…in fact we might deserve a treat!!

6th November 2020

We are super happy we are back at school this week.

We began our week back at school looking at our PadLet together, it was lovely looking at the pictures and telling each other stories about our half term holidays. We drew pictures to show the fun we have had.

This term our core text is “Lost in the Toy Museum: An Adventure by David Lucas”. We have a new role play toy shop area. We have been pricing up toys and taking on the roles of shop keepers and customers.

This week we began using our phonics skills to write in different areas within our play. We have written lists in the toy shop role play, recipes in the home corner and labelled our models in the construction area. We will continue this in a variety of different ways next week.

We explored the number 6 this week in maths. We sorted manipulatives into whether they were “six” or “not six”. We also explore 2D shapes, playing guessing games and talking about how we could describe them.

On Thursday we had a SPARKLING day at school. We explored bonfire night – we made paper sparklers and chalk firework pictures.

We can’t wait to see what next week will bring!

23rd October 2020

Lots of smiley faces – TICK

New friends – TICK

Learning and exploring through our play – TICK

Phase 2 phonics – TICK

First half term of school – TICK!!

Mrs Hounsell and Miss Cunningham are very very proud of us and all our hard work over the last 7 weeks.

We have rounded off our learning in maths for this half term by exploring counting and the rules that make us successful counters. We made posters to help us remember this and will apply it to our future learning.

In RE this week, we thought about where we belong. We made family trees and thought about why being part of our family is special. We talked about our lovely class and how we all join together to be part of the whole.

We are going to miss school next week but we are all ready for a lovely relaxing half term!

A few notes from Mrs Hounsell…

  • I have made us an online Padlet to keep in touch over the holidays. There is no obligation to use this, the children just love seeing each others faces on the screen. I will update it too
  • On the Padlet there is also an Autumn themed challenge for you
  • Please continue to read over half term (alongside all your fun)
  • If you haven’t booked a parents evening appointment, I will message you on Dojo
  • Thank you all for your support this half term and I look forward to the rest of our year!

16th October 2020

We are not sure what Mrs Hounsell is more proud of – the fact we’ve finished our phase 2 phonics, the fact we are starting to blend and read simple sentences or the fact that we are still so full of beans nearly at the end of our first half term!

We have been busy busy as usual in Reception this week.

We have explored the number 5 and it’s composition in lots of different ways. We split 5 cakes between two people and three people, we continued this is in our play in the home corner. We also looked at how this transferred to numicon and our fingers – we could show you our finger patterns this weekend!

We have been exploring moving our bodies in different ways this week and learning new dance routines to support our fine motor skills.

A few messages from Mrs Hounsell…

  • If you haven’t had chance to check last weekends Dojo please have a go this weekend. I am very keen to know you can all access it and reply on your portfolio. You won’t need a printer as you can edit the documents on there and upload pictures or videos
  • Thank you so much for your support with letters and sounds it really is showing in school. If you have any questions about the reading book or simple sentences your child has been sent home with please do come and see me
  • Next week I will be outside in the morning with our parents evening slots please come and see me to book in

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

9th October 2020

Well you blink and it’s Friday again!

We have had another lovely week with our friends in Reception.

We have learnt 3 more sounds e, u and r. Barney Bear didn’t like the rain this week so he taught us all to make u-u-umbrellas to keep ourselves dry. We also learnt the super fancy and grown up word ‘digraph’ as we learnt ck. Mrs Hounsell said we need to keep our eyes pealed on the dojo this weekend as she is setting us a secret phonics mission.

In Maths we continued exploring the make up of numbers, we represented 4 in all different ways including marks on paper, our fingers and different arrangements of cubes.

We managed to stay dry using our outdoor area a few days this week. We definitely needed our wellies though – Mrs Hounsell says it is nice weather for ducks!

In RE we read the story of Jesus and the Children. We talked about how it showed that Christians believe all children are special. We voted with our thumbs talking about how the characters felt at different points in the story.

We have been developing our story telling in our play this week using both the imagination station and the reading garden.

A few notes from Mrs Hounsell…

  • Next week we will finish phase 2 phonics and spend lots of time consolidating our learning and focusing on segmenting and blending
  • Please record any reading at home so I can enter children into the regular readers draw on Fridays (I know this won’t always be a school book due to us keeping the books at school in the week)
  • Thank you to those of you who sent wellies, it really helps the children enjoy the outdoor area
  • Thank you for signing up to DoJo. I will set some ‘homework’ this weekend, allowing us all to work out any kinks straight away

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe. See you on Monday!

2nd October 2020

The weeks are absolutely flying by for us in Reception!

Mrs Hounsell has kept us busy as usual, lots of new sounds to learn, numbers to explore and stories to hear.

This week we have learnt the sounds g, o, c and k. When playing in the construction area our c-c-cars bumped into lots of words starting with “c” – good job we know how to use our robot arms to blend the sounds together!

We have been thinking of all the ways to make the number 3 this week. Barney Bear was up to his usual tricks in Maths, making lots of mistakes – don’t worry though, we helped him learn from them as usual!

In RE this week we met a little girl called Grace who is a Christian. She was carrying around some special items including a Bible, a picture of her Church and a special poem. We talked about how Christians believe that God knows everyone even before they are born.

We are really enjoying each others’ show and tell items and are thinking carefully about different questions we can ask.

Please keep an eye on our class DoJo as Mrs Hounsell has some exciting things up and coming for you, including our Harvest Festival performance. We enjoyed learning the story of The Little Red Hen and drawing fruits and vegetables whilst thinking about Harvest Festival.

We are ready for a lovely weekend at home with you (Mrs Hounsell is sure we should all be nice and tired for you!)

A few notes from Mrs Hounsell…

  • I hope you all received the message about our change of PE day – Reception will now be on a Friday morning
  • As the weather is dropping please send your child into school in a coat (with wellies too if you haven’t already) so they can continue to enjoy the outdoor area
  • We are running low on spare pants and socks if anyone please has any they could donate we would really appreciate it
  • If you have any questions about our Phonics video (uploaded on DoJo) do please come and see me, I know virtually isn’t always the easiest thing!
  • Thank you so much for working on your child’s letters and sounds book at home, the effort you are putting in is really showing in school

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday morning!

25th September 2020

We have had a super creative week in Reception. We’ve been thinking about moving our bodies to different pieces of music and making our bodies out of all arts resources. We hope you can find us in the picture!

We were really lucky this week to spend lots of time in the outdoor area before the rain set in – hopefully it isn’t here to stay!

We have carried on learning our phonics this week, we are getting really good at hearing the initial sounds and putting them together to read simple words. Ask us at home and we can show you our robot arms!

In maths this week we have explored the numbers 0, 1 and 2. We found some really funny representations of 2, including a number 2 bus and a number 2 house (don’t worry, we know more than 2 people can live there though!)

We have had another busy week of learning through our play. Mrs Hounsell helped us dress up as Ninjas in the imagination station, we thought she looked super silly!

In PE we carried on following instruction and moving our bodies. This week we learnt  new game called head, shoulders, knees and cones.

We have shared lots of stories this week and are really lucky that Mrs Moss came to read us some too.

We are really really enjoying school, even though it is tiring stuff so we are looking forward to a lovely (hopefully not too wet) weekend at home with you!

18th September 2020

What a super speedy week! Mrs Hounsell can hardly believe how well we are settling in!

We use all the different areas of the classroom and are really developing our play and language skills. Mrs Hounsell enjoyed using the trampoline park we made in the imagination station and Miss Cunningham was caught by all the fish in the rock pool on the small world table.

Our core text this term is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. This week we have been playing with the Owl toys to re-tell the story. Our words of the week have also been based around the story.

We had our first PE lesson this week. We had to listen hard to know what movement was coming next, we especially enjoyed learning to lunge!

Lunches at school are super fun! We have enjoyed a picnic in the sunny outdoor area every day this week.

This week we have begun our phonics journey, we have started to hear the initial sounds in words and have looked at s, a, t and p. (Mums and Dads, do not worry, we will teach you all we know!)

We cannot wait for another super fun week!

A few messages from Mrs Hounsell…

  • Please take a look at our Curriculum map to see what we will be learning this half term
  • A few of you have asked about phonics, please do not worry, I am in the process of arranging an online information session
  • Due to COVID restrictions reading books will be going home on Thursdays to be collected by us again on Tuesdays
  • If you haven’t already done so, please send your child to school with a named pair of wellies and their PE kit

11th September 2020

WELL! What fun we have had in a week!

We have all settled into school life with big smiles and lots of energy. Mrs Hounsell is so proud of us, especially the way we come into school in the morning. We have shared lots of stories, dance moves and giggles this week.

We have had a very busy week learning what we can do in the classroom and learning more about our friends and teachers (Mrs Hounsell is loving our ‘All About Me’ books!)

We are all enjoying the different areas we can explore – you should see our imaginative play!

There is someone extra special who has joined our class – Barny Bear! He was late for school because he was on holiday but we enjoyed receiving his email of pictures and were super excited when he was posted to our school. We love sharing our classroom with him and sit extra smart so he will choose our knee to sit on.

Roll on week two – and most importantly lunch! Yummy!

A few messages from Mrs Hounsell…

  • We will begin our PE sessions on Tuesdays. Please send a named PE kit into school. We will keep hold of this and send it home for a wash in the holidays
  • If your child is bringing a packed lunch next week please make sure it is either named or distinctive.
  • Please send a named pair of wellies into school which you are also happy to live here
  • We will begin phase 2 phonics next week, a book with this each weeks sounds will be sent home on a Friday for you to work on consolidation at home. If you have any questions about this please do come and ask me

4th September 2020

It has been so lovely to meet you all this week, thank you for welcoming us into your homes!

We’ve met so many friendly teddy bears, see lots of cheeky smiles and had a good natter to you all.

We hope you enjoyed the teddy bears as much as we did! Please remember I am always here if you there is any questions or queries you have. If you have your PE kits and wellies ready feel free to bring them from Monday and if not we will need them once the children are in all day.

We are so excited for this school year to start 🙂

See you on Monday!

Mrs Hounsell