Parents and carers play a key role in supporting children to learn about how to stay safe online, and they are one of the first people children turn to if things go wrong. We know it can be difficult to stay on top of the wide range of sites and devices that young people use, so we hope that the following advice and courses help.

The NSPCC have lots of tips and advise about how to keep your children safe online. They even have a free helpline to give you personal advice whenever you need it. Their gurus can offer help to parents with parental control settings :

This following link allows parents to check the suitability of apps. Some apps will ask for access to the camera, sharing location, in app purchases and the ability to talk to unknown people online. Others will have an adult content and are not suitable for children. The following link will allow you to make informed choices:

It can be difficult keeping up with the different technologies that children use. The following link allows you to find out more information about popular apps and sites that children use:

Live streaming is a popular feature of many apps and platforms. By understanding the risks of live streaming you can help keep your children safe online:

National Online Safety

As a school we have subscribed to ‘National Online Safety’ Please have a look at all the materials this offers. It is high quality and completely up to date. There is a course for parents and we hope you will find it useful and informative.

The interactive online safety course helps parents and carers safeguard their children from online dangers. The course has been created to help you understand how to keep your children safe in the online world.

As you work through each module, you will build your knowledge about the issues that exist when your child is using the internet and how to respond to the issues. This course is designed to empower parents and carers with the knowledge they need to have the conversation(s) with their children and escalate the issue if they need to. You will also have access to regularly updated guides for apps popular with children, which include useful information about the risks to look out for and tips on how to protect your child against these risks.’

We are in a unique position of being able to set our children up with good ‘online world’ habits now and we hope you find this helpful.

The URL you need to visit to access the course guide:

The Clearwater Academy unique discount code is: CLEARWATER which will give 100% discount off this course:

If you have any questions, or trouble accessing the course please contact