We want all children to have equal access to a curriculum that is experiential and creative which nurtures the whole child and develops a lifelong love of learning. Our Christian values and ethos will underpin all that we do. The curriculum will promote individual gifts and talents and nurture social interaction to ensure that children become well-rounded, caring, inquisitive and confident young people who are fully able to maximise learning opportunities and take their place in modern Britain. We want children to:

  • be active participants in their learning being involved in its planning and organisation
  • experience deep, relevant, learning opportunities and produce high quality outcomes
  • be confident and motivated to succeed and develop highly positive attitudes to learning
  • learn through active and experiential learning supporting excellent language acquisition and vocabulary extension
  • learn to challenge themselves, developing a ‘growth mindset’ and take pride in achievement for their own sake rather than a reward earned
  • use ICT creatively and instinctively within and across the curriculum to support and enhance learning
  • have access to enrichment activities and extended services so contributing to their enjoyment and achievement beyond the school day
  • experience a strong local, national and global dimension to their learning to develop understanding of diversity and promoting respect for similarity and difference
  • learn in an environment that is stimulating and exciting that reflects the current learning and provides support for children to be independent enquirers and problem solvers

Clearwater will use the principles of Philosophy for Children. Philosophy for Children offers a way to open up children’s learning through enquiry and the exploration of ideas. Children learn that their ideas have value, and that the ideas of other children have value too. Through Philosophy for Children they realise that they don’t always have to be right, but they gain the confidence to ask questions and learn through discussion.

The curriculum will be enriched by trips, visitors to the academy, special focussed learning weeks, special events for parents and carers, outdoor learning and a range of extra-curricular activities.

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