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24th September 2021

What a fabulous week of learning in Year 2!

During Literacy we have continued learning how to use expanded noun phrases in our sentences. Everyone is trying hard to remember how to use capital letters, commas, full stops and finger spaces correctly. During some of our reading sessions we have been developing our comprehension skills – using our learning power, ‘Cool Concentration’ to find the right piece of evidence from the text to back up each answer.

In Maths, we have been learning to order numbers from smallest to greatest by using our Place Value knowledge of Tens and Ones. Children have also been using different methods and resources (e.g. Dienes, 100 square) to support their calculations involving ten more and ten less (e.g. 45 – 10 = 35). Everyone has shown a determined attitude to improve their mental calculations. We have already noticed their confidence increase with repeated practice of counting in 2s, 5s, 10 and doubles (e.g. 7 + 7).

We’ve started our Science topic on Materials. We loved exploring how different materials changed by bending, squashing, twisting or stretching. There were lots of interesting group discussions using our new Science vocabulary (smooth, transparent, bumpy, translucent, transparent, flexible, waterproof).

Our Computing lesson this week was all about the uses of technology, where we spotted different IT equipment around our school. It would be great if you could share how technology is used in your job or day-to-day routine so children recognise further benefits.

A busy week, well done Year 2 – incredible enthusiasm for learning !

A couple of reminders:

Homework has been issued today. Please return this by next Thursday. Note our spelling test will take place on Thursday, 30th of September.

Please continue to read at least three times a week at home and record this in the reading Record when you do. If your child reads five times they will enter the Regular Reader draw to win a book!

Thanks again for your support,

Mrs Pearson & Mrs Pritlove

17th September 2021

We have been so impressed with Year 2’s learning this week. In Maths, we have been learning to use different symbols (<, > and =) to compare numbers as well as order 2-digit numbers from smallest to greatest. Children are becoming more familiar using Dienes and jottings to show their understanding. We also continue to practise counting to 100 in tens and ones daily.

Literacy has been lots of fun as we have explored different settings and books, such as ‘Traction Man’ to inspire our writing. Our focus has been writing expanded noun phrases, like ‘fearless, courageous hero’. Children recognise that expanded noun phrases give more detail to the noun by adding one or more adjectives. Next week we will be using these in our sentences.

Our detective skills were on show during History for our topic Gloucester Docks. In groups, we investigated different artefacts, including photos of dockers loading timber into the warehouses, sack hooks and iron Lewis Keys. Some of their predictions about what the Cadbury’s milk churn and land chains were used for came true as the class studied each artefact closely. We are looking forward to more discussions – they are so rich with questions!

Finally, we were delighted to achieve all our stars for lining up smartly – we were rewarded with a slightly longer break.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs Pearson and Mrs Pritlove

10th September 2021

What an amazing first week!

Year Two have shown excellent behaviour and a ‘can do’ attitude with all our new classroom routines. At the start of the week, we created our classroom ‘Golden Rules’ to keep everyone safe and to make sure we are successful with our learning.

In Maths, we have been developing our understanding of place value. Children have been enjoying using Dienes to represent two-digit numbers, partitioning these into tens and ones (e.g. 42 = 4 tens and two ones). The class have also been learning how to split numbers in different ways (e.g. 42 = 40 + 2; 42 = 30 + 12; 42 = 21 + 21).  In Literacy, we have been writing descriptive sentences and trying hard to remember to use capital letters and full stops.

Well done everyone! Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Pearson and Mrs Pritlove