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24th September 2021

We have enjoyed lots of new learning this week and it has been wonderful to see the class using the school values every day. In particular, we have focused on the value of ‘Respect’ and children considered ways to show respect at home and at school. I would love to hear whether children have been showing the value of respect with you at home – please let us know!

In English this week, we are practising our punctuation and our new target is to use commas in a list.  Children have been writing a character description of Abdul Kazam (the magician from ‘Leon and the Place Between’) and they are remembering to use commas when listing everything he was wearing and even everything he had tucked up his sleeve!

In Maths, we are counting up and down in steps of 10 and steps of 100.  Children have been working so hard to use the Mathematical vocabulary when describing what happens to the digits in each number. Many learning power trophies have been awarded, especially the ‘work as a team’ trophy for fantastic partner work.

In the afternoons, we have enjoyed participating in a range of interesting lessons.  In RE, we are finding out about God’s wonderful creations- particularly trees and how important they are.  In History, we have been putting dates into order when making our own timelines!  Our French lessons and always exciting and Year 3 can now count to 10 in French! Tres bien!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Hayward

17th September 2021

Our second week in Year 3 and we’re just getting into the swing of life in the juniors!

We have loved exploring Leon and the Place Between in Literacy and we enjoyed retelling the story from one of the character’s perspectives. Everyone is working hard to meet out first writing target and we will soon move onto a new focus to keep everyone on their toes!

In our Maths lessons, we have been learning how to read and write three digit numbers. We discussed how 0 can be used as a place holder and enjoyed explaining ‘Colin the Caribous’ mistakes! He does need things explaining to him quite a lot!

This week in Science, we have thought carefully about the functions of each part of a plant and we used the iPads to research this information. In RE, we discussed the importance of God’s world and how we can look after the planet.

This Friday, we will look forward to a visit from the ‘Dogs Trust’ and we will find out about ways to be safe around dogs. This should be an interesting afternoon and it will definitely help any children who find dogs scary when they are out and about.

It was so lovely to welcome many of you into the school this week for our ‘Meet the Teacher’ session. I hope you enjoyed the tour and now you’ll be able to visualise everything the children have been trying to explain to you about our wonderful classrooms and school environment.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Hayward

10th September 2021

A very warm welcome to all pupils and parents to Year 3 and life in the juniors!

It has been so lovely to see all the children back to school and enjoying playing together in the beautiful sunshine! On Thursday, it was our day to enjoy our new ‘trim trail’ and everyone agreed that it definitely was worth the wait!

There has also been such a lot of learning this week already and I have been very impressed with the fantastic attitudes and learning behaviours of all children.  I can’t wait to see your achievements this year!

In our writing sessions, we have started to use ‘a’ or ‘an’ correctly; we have been using our core text which is called Leon and the Place Between.  Children have been writing their own descriptions of carousels and whether there was a monkey or an monkey! Hopefully, the children will be able to tell you!

In Maths, we have been focussing on Place Value and discovering how to partition 3-digit numbers. In Science, we are finding out more about plants and how they grow.  We have also started our new History topic on the Stone Age. This week, we worked in groups to find out information about the Stone Age and we asked relevant questions to support us with our learning. We created a group poster to display this information and children enjoyed working in their teams!

In Year 3, our PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Please make sure that PE kits are in school all week. Also, can all children please bring in a drinks bottle which is clearly labelled.  As we are a Healthy School, children are encouraged to bring in fruit for snack time if they would like to.

If you haven’t seen already, we have a ‘Meet the Teacher’ gathering next Thursday at 3.15 if you can make it.  It would be lovely to see you and I’m looking forward to giving you all a tour of the school too!

If you have any questions at all, please come and find me either before or after school.  Alternatively, you can send me a message of Class Dojo.

Looking forward to working with you all to support your child’s learning in Year 3.  Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Hayward