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24th June 2022

We have had another super-duper busy week this week.

Our teachers have been working lots with us to see how amazing we are at applying our maths and phonics skills.

We went on a visit to St James’ Church (a huge thank you to all our lovely parents who came and helped out) and Revered Mark spoke to us all about why the Church is such a special place for Christians.

We had another FANTASTIC athletics session with Lee on Thursday – our teachers think there are definitely some little Olympians amongst us in Reception!

We have also been exploring human and physical features within the world and our local environment, and we spoke about things that can help and hinder these places.

We have all got our fingers crossed for another sunny week next week! 4 weeks to go!

17th June 2022

The sun has got its hat on and we LOVE it!

We began the week with an extra PE lesson which we were all very excited about. We went into the hall and used the apparatus to practice our balancing, different jumps and our landing positions. There are definitely a few gymnasts in reception!

This week is Healthy Eating week so we have been talking lots about how we can stay healthy by eating lot of fruits and vegetables and doing regular exercise. Ask us what we know! We had lots of fun making healthy lunch boxes and creating our own fruit kababs to take home – they we SO delicious! Miss Adamson kept pinching all the strawberries so we had to tell her off!

In literacy we have been exploring Fairy tales and then we all had a go at making up our own Fairy Tale by drawing pictures and labelling them. We all had different ideas about character’s and what would happen so our teachers were really pleased.

We had a fantastic PE session with Lee this week. We went out onto the field and practiced lots of different athletics, including throwing a discus and hurdle races. It was great fun and we all loved cheering on our peers.

In maths we have been recapping lots of things we already know, including addition, subtraction and number bonds to 5 and 10.

For RE we have been creating our own stained glass windows in preparation for our visit to the church with Reverend Mark next week – we are all really looking forward to this!

Fingers crossed for more sunshine next week!

10th June 2022

We cannot believe we are in our final half term of Reception! So much fun left to have with so little time!

We started this week exploring our new core text “kaya’s heart song”. It’s a very different text to any we have already looked at, it has a very exciting setting and lots of rhymical language. We made rain maker instruments to play alongside reading the story.

We have written instructions on how to make these instruments in case anyone at home wants to make one too?

This week in our MOTs we have re-capped our number bonds to 5, odds and evens and halving…Mrs Hounsell says it is very impressive that we remembered EVERYTHING from last half term! In our maths groups we looked at different ways to work out missing numbers in addition sentences, can you believe 4 and 5 year olds know how to do that?!

In RE we began our new question ‘which places are special and why?’. We talked about which places make us happy or excited.

Next week is healthy eating week and we think our teachers might have lots of exciting tricks up their sleeves!

27th May 2022

In Reception we have defiantly earnt our half term! In just five short weeks we have achieved LOADS!

This week we wrote instructions to get around Rosie’s farm. We had to use lots of different positional language and write in bossy instructions (that was particularly fun to practise out loud). We also wrote captions to match pictures from Farmer Duck. We have finished this core text now…we wonder what is our last one for the year?!

In maths we have continued looking at number bonds to 5 and thinking about a method to help us check we have got them all. We also started exploring number bonds to 10. Our teachers tested all our knowledge from this half term and guess what…we remembered it all!

In RE we thought about what Christians prayers. We know this is a special conversation between a Christian and God, we thought about what they might say to God and how they could thank him for the different things in our wonderful world.

On Thursday we started our jubilee celebrations. We talked all about the different jobs the Queen has, what makes her a good Queen where she lives and about her family. We had lots of different activities to choose from including making bunting, cutting and sticking beef eater soldiers, threading red white and blue bracelets, painting union jack flags, drawing the Queen, making bunting and making our own crowns. We can’t wait to continue the celebrations next week, we are so lucky to part of something so amazing in history!

We are very excited for half term and then our last few weeks in Reception!

20th May 2022

It is Friday! Time to do the Friday dance!

The rain hasn’t stopped play in Reception this week, we have had another busy week filled with fun learning.

This week in Literacy we have been completing our Big Writes (that’s when we do a piece of writing completely on our own!) about the farm park. We all did an AMAZING job and Miss Adamson was very proud of us.

In Maths we have been exploring number bonds to 5 using a variety of different resources. Soon enough we will be able to recall these from the top of our heads!

It was National Numeracy Day on Wednesday and we all had a brilliant day applying our maths skills within lots of activates based around the story Handa’s Surprise.

We have also been using positional language (how grown up are we?!) within our play this week by creating obstacle courses and telling our friends how to move around them.

We LOVED creating maps to show the journey Rosie (from the story Rosie’s Walk) took around the farm park to get home. We were even able to label our maps by using our phonics knowledge.

I don’t know about you, but we are definitely ready for a restful weekend.

One week to go!

13th May 2022

This week has flown by because we have been so busy having lots of fun – we can’t quite believe there are only two weeks left until the half term break!

We began the week by looking at The Creation Story. We all loved learning about how Christians believe God made our wonderful planet.

We also went on a texture hunt outdoors and created some fantastic models using clay and different natural textures within the environment. Our teachers were super impressed with the language we used to describe the different textures.

In Maths we have been learning a new concept – halving! We learnt that one whole can be split down he middle to create two smaller equal parts, and that two halves can be put back together to create one larger whole. We used lots of different yummy fruits and foods to help us explore this.

In literacy we have been writing non-fiction statements about our trip to Cotswold Farm Park earlier in the term. Our writing was so fantastic that our teachers were smiling from ear to ear! We used capital letters, fingers spaces and our phonics knowledge brilliantly.

We finished off our week with a trip into Forest School with our forest School lead Sophie and our teachers. We had THE BEST time!

We are all ready for a restful weekend but can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

6th May 2022

Doesn’t the sunshine just make everything seem so much nicer?!

We have had a lovely busy week this week, not sure how we fitted it all into four days! Our teachers certainly do work us hard!

We have started our phase 4 phonics this week, we have looked at consonant clusters and the start and end of words. We have also been working hard developing our sentence writing skills. We are WOWing with our finger spaces.

In maths we have looked at sharing into equal parts. We had different scenarios such as a teddy bears picnic and we had to make sure each teddy bear had the same amount of sandwiches. We checked this by using different manipulates and drew different part and part wholes to represent our findings.

This week we planted some cress and talked about what it will need to grow. That really is a speedy growing plant! We put it in a nice warm place with lots of sunshine and lots of water.

Following on from our trip to the farm we talked about what baby animals are called. Did you know a baby Guinee pig is called a ‘pig’?

In RE we started talking about our wonderful world. We went on an awe and wonder walk to talk about everything we loved in our natural environment.

Roll on another sunny speedy week!

29th April 2022

Welcome to the Summer term! We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and are feeling nicely refreshed.

We kicked off the term with a trip to Cotswold Farm Park (how lucky are we?!) It was a fantastic day in the sunshine and we all had a brilliant time – though some of us were feeling a little tired at the end of the day from all the excitement. We loved seeing all of the different animals and feeding them (which was super tickly), and the baby animals were so cute! Our teachers just wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU to all of the parent helpers that came on the trip, you were all so helpful.

On Tuesday we all had a go at writing about our trip to the farm park. Our teachers were really pleased because we remembered out capital letters, our finger spaces, and we used our phonics knowledge to help us.

In maths we have been exploring the composition of ‘Teen’ numbers and we have been completing lots of adding and taking away number problems – our teachers had great big smiles on their faces because we are getting SO good at this now.

On Friday we went into Forest School and had a great time exploring our natural environment and getting nice and muddy!

What a busy first week back we have had. We can’t wait to see what is in store for next week!

8th April 2022

We have had a very busy but SUPER fun last week before the Easter break in Reception.

We have completed our independent Big Writes this week and our teaches were blown away with how brilliantly we all did. Our teachers have been busy assessing our reading levels which we also did really well with.

We have completed lots of RE, including learning about the bible story of The Last Supper (we even had our very own last supper), and how and why Christians celebrate Easter.

In Maths we have continued to consolidate our knowledge of addition and subtraction.

We have also been looking at colours and how they can represent mood, and we did an experiment to see which material would be the best to use to make a house for Incy Wincy Spider.

We made hot cross buns on Thursday (they were SO yummy) and we had a GREAT time on Friday when we went on an Easter egg hunt whilst wearing our Easter bonnets we had made earlier in the week.

We don’t know about you, but we are all very ready and excited for two whole weeks off!

1st April 2022

This week has been SO busy! Us Reception children really do deserve a medal!

We have re-written the story of ‘the Gruffalo’ changing the characters and the setting. Some of our answers were so funny that Mrs Hounsell fell off her chair. We drew our own story maps ready for our big write next week – we have a sneaky feeling it will be some of our best writing yet!

In maths we have been working on number bonds. We looked at all the ways to =1, =2, =3 and =4 both adding and taking away. We know, we have amazing little brains!

We learnt the story of Palm Sunday in RE this week, we created Palm leaves as props, learnt a song and re-told the story. We have also started thinking about how Christians celebrate Easter by making Easter cards.

We have been continuing to explore colour this week. We learnt a new word ‘shade’, we know we can make a colour a darker or lighter shade. Next week we will be combining all our colour skills into one collaborative piece of art work – stay tuned!

Next week is the last week of term and we cannot wait for some Easter-y fun! Fingers crossed for a bit more sunshine and a bit less snow and rain!!

25th March 2022

ISN’T THE WEATHER BEAUTIFUL? Everything seems so much better when the sun has got his hat on.

Another whizzy week in Reception this week!

We have been super duper busy as per usual.

In our outdoor area we have been exploring bubbles, we loved using the hoops, string and our fingers to make giant bubbles!

This week we have been working hard on our taking away skills, we looked at all the different ways we can use resources to help us.

We have been writing the story of the Gruffalo using our story maps. We have ALL used our phonics SO well and really impressed Mrs Hounsell and Miss Adamson.

We have continued thinking about maps this week. We have drawn a map of the deep dark wood to help the mouse around.

We have continued looking at colour this week and have been colour mixing. We used our mixed colours to decorate some flowers, I wonder what they might be for?!

During collective worship this week we have been thinking about the OWs WOWs and NOWs of life. We made a clay bowl to represent a Christian as God’s creation, we will finish these off next week.

Have a Super Sunny Weekend everyone!!!

18th March 2022

We have absolutely LOVED being mini scientists for British Science Week this week. We explored freezing and melting (we got to paint with chocolate which was so much fun and tasty too), floating and sinking and also had a go at making some slime! On Monday, Mr Allin came to school and spoke to us all about being an engineer. We then had a go at making our own paper aeroplanes and we got to race them to see whose went the furthest – it was so much fun! On Wednesday we met some adults who work in varying careers, including a vet and a real life aeroplane engineer, and we were able to ask them questions about how they use science in their jobs.

In maths we have been continuing to explore subtraction by working with a partner and using manipulatives to take away. Our teachers were really impressed with how well we can already do this.

In phonics we have been revisiting the sounds ‘ng’, ‘ai’ and ‘ee’ and we were able to use these in our writing. How amazing are we?!

We created a story map of The Gruffalo in our colour groups for Literacy. We all really enjoyed this and our teachers said that they were fab.

We had another fantastic Gymnastics session with Joe in P.E. We used the apparatus to practice lots of balance and jumps which we all really enjoyed.

It sure has been one fun but VERY busy week!

11th March 2022

We have had another jam packed week of fun and learning in Reception.

We aren’t quite sure how we fit it all in really!

This week, our maths focus has been the language of taking away. We played lots of different games including ten pin bowling, teddy bear parachutes and tower destroying. We know to take away, you always end up with less.

In phonics we are re-visiting phase three to really sharpen our skills, we are doing SO well and our writing is coming along leaps and bounds. We have continued focusing on rhyming this week, what a tricky old skill that is! We have been continuing a rhyming string and spotting the odd one out. We have enjoyed lots of rhyming stories and found the rhyming pairs in our core text ‘The Gruffalo’.

This week we explored the use of maps in our lives. We looked at all different types of maps and talked about their uses. We followed some maps to help us find our way around the school. We know a map can help us if we get lost and it can help us find something or somewhere. Did you know even Mrs Hounsell gets lost sometimes?!

We have continued exploring colour. We know that Primary colours must come straight out the bottle and they can’t be made by mixing, we explored what colours could be made when we mixed them together by making a colour wheel. We took our colour wheels for a walk to identify the different colours around school. We found and awful lot of green!

In RE we talked about Spring and the start of new life. We drew some daffodils and now our classroom smells wonderfully floral!

Told you we fit a lot in! We are ready for a rest now, happy weekend everyone!

4th March 2022

What a lovely first week back!!

After what felt like a very LONG break we were very excited to come back to school, only to find our classroom had become a crime scene! We decided to investigate and look for clues! We found purple prickles, some claw marks, some orange eyes, a log pile house, some footprints, sticks and lots more…it was the Gruffalo!!! He had been in our classroom during half term. Can you imagine our surprise?

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. Our teachers looked SO cosy in their PJs and we did too. We shared lots of our favourite stories and snuggled up for the love of reading. We looked at the Author (what a grown up word!) Tom Fletcher. We imagined what story we would write. We had ALL sorts of ideas including skeletons, monkeys, unicorns and even fire lizards. We also learnt and recorded a poem about a little seed. What a busy day…it’s a good job WE LOVE BOOKS!

This week some of us started after school clubs too, including dance and drawing club. We love school so much we even asked to stay longer!

We can’t wait for our first full week back!


11th February 2022

We have LOVED the little bit of sunshine we have had this week. It has put smiles on all of our faces!

This week we have had lots of fun exploring Safer Internet day. We spoke about lots of different ways we can make sure we stay safe when using our devices, including talking to our grown-ups if we are unsure and limiting the amount of time we use them. We also had a go at using lots of different devices in our classroom; we had great fun programming the Bee-Bots to move and using the remote control cars.

We have finished learning all of our phase 3 sounds this week. How clever are we?! We have learnt lots of new digraphs and trigraphs and we will spend next week consolidating and applying these.

We also completed some AMAZING story maps to retell the story ‘My Colourful Planet.’ Our teachers had huge smiles on their faces because we did such a great job.

In Maths we have been learning how to double (how grown up are we?!) We know that when we double a number, we add the same number again. We even applied our understanding to write some doubling number sentences.

We have also been continuing to look at stories that are special to Christians and we spoke about the values that are represented in these stories.

One more week to go!

4th February 2022

Gong-hey faa-chwhy!! (Happy Chinese New Year)

We have had a super exciting week celebrating Chinese New Year and our extended road safety week.

On Monday and Tuesday we talked about the celebration of Chinese New Year, we talked about different traditions that Chinese people have to mark the occasion including having new clothes and having a big Spring Clean! We tasted and cooked some yummy Chinese food and learnt about the story of the Zodiac.

On Wednesday we went on our road safety walk in the community. Thank you so much to all grown up’s for helping! We have been thinking about all we saw and did. We also read a story about a super road safety cat who wanted us all to help learn the road safety code. In our outdoor area we have been pretending to be different road users and acting out how we would treat each other. In the small world area we built a road and ensured our people could cross over safely.

Alongside all this fun we also found time for phonics and maths. Our phase three skills are getting better and better every day! We are really going to focus on our tricky words now.

In maths we have been looking at addition and writing our own number sentences. We have also continued to develop our rapid re-call of one more and one less, we are getting WIZZZY!

28th January 2022

We had SO much fun on wheelie day. We spoke about how to make sure we stay safe on our bikes and scooters before we all had a go at zooming around on the playground. We looked at some road signs and had a go at making some of our own, and we explored what each colour of a traffic light means and what we can do to make sure we are extra safe when crossing the road.

We have learnt a really grown up word this week. We have been talking about what it means to predict and we have been using this to predict what might happen in the story ‘Aliens in Underpants Save the World’ by looking at the pictures. We came up with some great ideas!

In Maths we explored the number 9 and we have also been consolidating our understanding of addition within 10 to solve number problems. We were so brilliant at this, Miss Adamson was amazed.

In Literacy we read the story ‘Man on the Moon’ and we used this to write some sentences using adjectives to describe what we thought the aliens looked like.

We have learnt the ‘oo’ sound in phonics and we spoke about why it is a special digraph. Ask us what we know 😊!

In RE we have been exploring stories that are special to Christians and we retold the story of ‘Noah and the Great Big Boat.’

Wow! What a busy week we have had. Time for a restful weekend we think.

21st January 2022

We have had a lovely (but ever so slightly chilly!) week in Reception.

We went on a winter walk to explore the signs of the winter season and compared this to Autumn. We noticed that we needed to wrap up much much warmer than before and the plants didn’t look as green. We know that winter follows Autumn; we wonder what season is next? Miss Cunningham hopes a much warmer one!

We have continued our phase three phonics this week learning ng, ai, ee and igh. We have been applying this to our sentence writing skills (aren’t we amazing?!)

In maths, we have been looking more at the language of addition and combining two different amounts. As always, we have been AMAZING mathematicians and blown Mrs Hounsell away!

This week we have been scientists and have been exploring shadows. We know that shadows are formed when someone or something blocks the light. Making our shadows move in all different kinds of ways was so fun!!

This week we have been making decisions in our Oracy lessons, playing different games of Would You Rather and having to decide if we would let a monster join our class or not….how kind are we that we said yeah? We have been speaking in full sentences and using the word ‘because’.

We are back on the playground for lunch times and we are loving it, we even got our line up stars again this week!

Next week is Road safety week and we are SO EXCITED!! (Please check SchoolPing for some more information)


14th January 2022

What a fun filled week in Reception!

This week we have been continuing to look at our core text “Whatever Next”. We have been using our imagination to explore different scenarios that could have happened in the book, using small world resources to re-tell the story and have been making rockets using junk modelling and the imagination station resources. Have a look at our pictures to spot our absolute JOY and PRIDE at our creations.

In phonics we have begun our phase three learning. Mrs Hounsell says this is because we are amazing! We have been writing sentences featuring our new sound, we know that a sentence has to make sense and we follow some simple rules to help write them accurately.

In RE we have been looking at special stories. It’s been so nice to share each others favourite stories and talk about what we like about them.

In maths we have continued to practice our skills of comparison and finding one more or one less. We even looked at this on a number line, how amazing are we?! We have also been looking at combining two different amounts to find the total altogether, this has meant using lots of mathematical vocabulary.

It’s been super chilly this week which has exposed new learning in our outdoor area including frost and frozen sand! But don’t worry our active learning always warms us up!

We can’t wait to see where we whizz off to next week!

17th December 2021


We have had the best time since starting at Clearwater, we have made lots of memories and done so much learning and growing.

We are now ready for a rest and most importantly CHRISTMAS!!! (Mrs Hounsell is more than a little bit excited!)

See you all in 2022 for more fun, laughter and learning.


Love from Reception

10th December 2021

We were SO amazing when performing our Nativity this week, Miss Adamson and Mrs Hounsell could not have been more proud of us! We all loved dressing up in our costumes and got very excited about families coming in to school to watch us. What a brilliant way to tell the story of Baby Jesus and begin Christmas celebrations (we absolutely can’t wait now!).

Butternickle and Wrapping (our Christmas Elves) have been up to all sorts this week. We came into the classroom one morning to find they had draped toilet paper all over our class Christmas tree! We did find this very funny, although it meant we had to redecorate the tree! The Elves also tied up the class bears with ribbon and we had to rescue them; they are very cheeky Elves.

In phonics we have been continuing to practice the sounds and skills that we already know, and we had a go at writing our very own letters to Santa using our phonics knowledge (we are SO clever).

In Maths we have continued exploring fewer, and we also looked at finding 1 fewer from a small group and 1 fewer than numbers between 1 – 5.

You may have noticed that we have been coming home with traces of glitter all over us this week – sorry parents! This is because we have been VERY busy getting messy whilst making Christmas tree decorations to bring home at the end of term.

I don’t know how we have managed to fit so much in this week! 1 more week of Christmas fun to go!

3rd December 2021

CHRISTMAS HAS LANDED IN RECEPTION! I think Mrs Hounsell is the most excited of all!!

On the 1st December we came in to a Christmassy surprise! Santa had been in our classroom, leaving behind glittery footprints and two cheeky Elves. We have named them butternickle and wrapping, Santa told us to watch out for their Christmas antics every morning!

This week have been working on our phonics skills of segmenting and blending, we have also been writing shared sentences. We know a sentence needs to make sense and that each line is to help us write each word.

In maths we have been finding fewer. We know this is when the amount decreases. We have been comparing lots of different groups of items using mathematical terms.

In RE we have been comparing how Christians celebrate Christmas to how a more commercial Christmas is celebrated.

Now let us tell you a secret…we made you all a Christmas card, but you can’t have them yet!

Our Nativity practise has been going SO WELL! We cannot wait to show you!


26th November 2021

We have had another busy busy week in Reception!

We have been working really hard on consolidating our phase two knowledge, focusing on segmenting and blending. We looked at something new this week called a sentence…we know a sentence is a collection of words which need to make sense. We have been using different techniques to remember the words in the correct order and help Mrs Hounsell use the right sounds.

We have looked at finding one more this week. Finding more is always nice as it mean we end up with a bigger amount! We hope next week brings MORE play and maybe more chocolate?

We have been PERFCTING our nativity dances this week. No more two left footed angels in this class! We cannot wait for you to see us soon in the Church.

We have been practising our subitising skills too, we are getting more confident at looking for patterns we recognise.

In PE this week we practised our ball skills, we have been throwing and catching using a chest pass.

As always there has been lots of time to learn through our play. We have been wrapped up warm to keep using the outdoor Classroom. We have been helping our teachers with ides of what we might like outside to develop our play more.

A few grown up messages:

  • PE kits will be coming home during the Christmas holidays, please can you check EVERYTHING is named, we have had a few swaps this term and we want to make sure everything is with the correct child
  • We have some un-named jumpers in class still and some missing named ones, please can you check that you have the correct one and let us know if we are missing one so we can track it down
  • You will be receiving further clarification about the Nativity next week

19th November 2021

What a fabulously fun week of learning we have had in Reception this week; it has flown by!

We began learning the songs for our Christmas Nativity (we are all very excited about it) and now we just can’t stop singing them – Miss Adamson and Mrs Hounsell included!

In phonics we have been continuing to consolidate our phase 2 phonics knowledge and practice our blending and segmenting skills. We love learning how to read words and our teachers are SO impressed with how well we can do this already. Our teachers also introduced us to the concept of a sentence this week – how grown up are we?! We now know a sentence is a collection of words that make sense, and that it always begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

This week, Miss Adamson and Mrs Hounsell set up a toy shop in our classroom to support our current core text, Lost in the Toy Museum by David Lucas. We have had a great time pretending to be shop keepers and learn through our play in this new area.

In maths we have been exploring ‘more’ and ‘equal to.’ We used two groups of different or the same amounts to explore this. Our class bears had a go too and we think they found it a bit tricky. We all did an AMAZING job using our learning powers and mathematical language to explain why the bears were wrong; we nearly blew our teachers socks off!

Last Friday we all got very muddy in Forest School (sorry parents!) and we loved every minute of it. We looked for insects under logs and in the bug hotel, made mud pies, popped some giant bubbles and created some beautifully abstract mud and grass drawings on old material. Poor Mrs Hounsell slipped over in the mud whilst playing tug of war with us which we all found VERY funny.

We can’t wait for another fantastic week next week!

12th November 2021

We had had an absolutely lovely week in Reception – we won’t let the dark or the rain stop our smiles!

We have been awfully busy as usual! Lots of learning and even more fun!

In phonics we have consolidated all our phase 2 knowledge and learnt four new sounds – j, w, v, and x. We honestly aren’t sure how our little heads are holding quite so much grown up knowledge! We have been working on our segmenting and blending skills and using these within our play.

This week we had a party in the home corner! We’ve started our new RE topic by talking about why Birthdays are special (and we don’t just mean the cake and presents!)

In maths we ordered numbers to 5 and looked at the growing pattern this creates. The silly class bears tried to trick us but we used our mathematical understanding to help them learn from their mistakes. We also looked at the number 5 and the composition (this means all the numbers hiding inside).

We carried on thinking about timelines this week. We looked at pictures of ourselves as babies (weren’t we cute???) and thought about all the things we can do now that we couldn’t do then. We also talked about what has changed, most of us had VERY little hair! We compared the toys we would play with as babies to the toys we would play with now.

Our learning power focus this week was Zooma telling us to “Get Creative”. We turned lots of old recycling materials into all sorts of things including rocking horses, dogs, space ships, cars and houses.

Alongside all that, we still found time for our PE session to practise our chest passes, time to share our reading skills with our teachers AND learn through our play inside and outside.

We wonder what fun next week has in store!!

A few messages for parents…

We have lots of un-named cardigans/jumpers, if you are missing one please come and see an EYFS member of staff.

You will find a “tricky and high frequency” word card in your child’s book bag this week, the letter attached with it explains everything, but please come and see a teacher if you have any questions.

Thank you SO much for all our junk modelling resources, we had so much fun using them.

5th November 2021

Wow! What a busy first week back we have had. It was so lovely to see all of our friends again and talk about all the exciting things we got up to over the half term break; we had lots of fun sharing pictures and news on the Padlet.

Miss Adamson and Mrs Hounsell think we are AMAZING because we were able to remember all of the sounds we learnt last half term, AND we used them to blend and segment lots of CVC words; we LOVE phonics! This week we have finished learning Phase 2 sounds (already!) so now we are going to consolidate these before we begin Phase 3.

We learnt a very grown-up History concept this week. We read a story called Once There Were Giants by Martin Waddell, and used this to explore a time line. We spoke about the past, the present and the future and we learnt that we cannot change the past because it has already happened. We talked about how people start off as teeny tiny babies and how they change with over time.

Out teachers taught us a rhyme to help us to remember Bonfire night. We learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate with fireworks and bonfires. We had SO much fun using our gross motor movements to pretend to be fireworks; we made lots of brilliant ‘Bang’, ‘Crackle’ and ‘Woosh’ noises too which made our teachers laugh.

Look at us in action having another fun filled week in Reception! 🙂

22nd October 2021

We have successfully finished our first half term of school! Hurray!

There have been lots of firsts for us in the last few weeks, first phonic lessons, first PE lessons, first reading books, the list goes on and on! Mrs Hounsell and Miss Adamson are so super-duper proud of us, they said we could have a whole week off – so kind!

This week we have been thinking like scientists. We explored the world around us using our five senses. We took part in some experiments where we couldn’t use all of our senses and talked about if this made things more difficult or not. We tasted different yogurts, good job we had our sense of smell to decide if it was chocolate or dog poo before tasting!

In maths this week we have been focusing on the counting principles. We practiced touch counting, counting from a larger set and we explored around school for different things which we could count but not touch or move.

We have consolidated our phonics knowledge this week and learnt our final graphemes of phase 2. WE LOVE PHONICS!

In PE, Montague brought us some brand new balls (Mrs Hounsell LOVED the colour!), they were way more bouncy than the old ones and meant we could perfect our skills and learn a new chest pass.

Mrs Hounsell and Miss Adamson told us all about parents evening and wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for taking your time to see them to talk about us and sorry that they talk so much!!

Mrs Hounsell will be posting a link of Class DoJo later to access our October half term PadLet so keep your eyes peeled for us.

Have a lovely half term everyone!!!

15th October 2021

We have had such a busy week this week!

On Monday afternoon we invited our grown ups into school to learn about how we learn phonics. Mrs Hounsell told them all the business side of things before we came in to show a little phonics lesson and introduce all the adults to the fun ways we can explore reading and writing in our classroom (we actually think we taught them a phoneme or two!). Mrs Hounsell and Miss Adamson said we were SO well behaved and they were the proudest Reception teachers ever.

We have been working SUPER hard on our blending this week (can you believe we use grown up words like that?). We have been jumping through hoops to put the words together and using our robot arms. We have all explored worded books with our teachers this week.

This week we thought like scientists and looked at ways to look after our teeth – we know that brushing is the most important thing and that calcium helps keep our teeth strong. We read a funny book called “tusk trouble”, it was a real tongue twister for Miss Adamson but we loved the message behind it.

We also talked more about the seasons, thinking about how a change of season might need a change of clothes…of course in this country you can never really put your wellies and umbrella away can you?

In maths we looked at the numbers 2 and 3. Mrs Hounsell brought some socks in (clean we hope!) and we had to find a pair of two, looking for colours, length and pattern to help us. Number three was a bit tricky, we looked at numbers 1 and 2 hiding inside.

Alongside all of this we still found time to enjoy a PE lesson with Montague Academy, go to Forest School and learn through our play in the indoor and outdoor classrooms. WOW.

One more week to go!

8th October 2021

We have had a lovely Autumnal week in Reception. On Monday, we went on a walk around our school site and Forest School, we looked for and talked about the signs of the season. We know it is Autumn now it’s getting dark and cold – we won’t let the cold weather stop our fun though!

We have been concentrating hard on segmenting this week. We know to clap a word as a whole and stretch it out to hear all the sounds. We are FLYING through phase 2. This week we have also met some tricky words, we won’t let them trick us though, we need to just look and learn!

In maths we have been looking at numbers 0 and 1, we sorted objects and knew the empty ones represented zero because that means nothing! We have also been working hard counting forwards and backwards to 10, growing and shrinking our bodies.

We listened to different pieces of music this week and thought about moving our bodies to the music, thinking about fast and slow as well as the volume. We changed these movements into pictures on a large roll of paper. We have been developing our clapping skills to copy a rhythm from our teachers.

Friday was harvest day – we had a GREAT time! We printed with potatoes, made bread and did observational drawing of different interesting fruits (who knew a tomato was a fruit?!?)

Time is absolutely flying and we can’t believe there are only two weeks left!

Just a few reminders:

  • Please label everything your child brings into school to help us keep everything safe
  • Now it is getting colder please send your child in to school with a coat so they can continue to enjoy the outdoor area
  • Our phonics information session is on Monday afternoon, please come to the main entrance to sign in before hand

1st October 2021

WE ARE AMAZING (if we do say so ourselves!)

This week has been super busy, but we are really enjoying our new routine.

In phonics, we have continued our phase 2 learning. Our teachers taught us a super amazing skill, called blending…this is when we find sound buttons and use our robot arms to turn them into words. This is super duper tricky but we are working hard on this!

We worked with Skye this week and looked at the learning power of ‘having a go’. We read the story of the girl who never makes mistakes, she missed out on loads of fun just because she didn’t want to have a go and it all go wrong. We talked about how making mistakes is fine as long we learn from them (we also learnt that Mrs Hounsell makes mistakes!!!)

This week we have been singing lots of number songs, we have props to help us sing and we have been continuing this in our independent play.

The rain has stopped some of our outdoor learning this week but it certainly hasn’t stopped our fun! We will all be doing our “rain rain go away” dance this weekend!

We can’t wait for another week of fun and laughter next week!

24th September 2021

Well we cannot believe we have finished a whole week of full days in school! We are all pretty tired (I think that goes for Mrs Hounsell and Miss Adamson too!) but we have had THE BEST time!

We have been exploring more and more in our classroom and have been getting to grips with school routines and expectations.

We love the outdoor area and have made some amazing dens.

We started our phonics journey this week – in our book bags will be a letters and sounds books, we can show off all our new skills! We looked at the phonemes s,a,t and p as initial sounds, we played different games and moved around to form the letters.

We stayed for lunch this week – how yummy! We are making our own choices in the mornings and trying new food. We loved our turn on the Pirate ship and have been so grown up sharing the playground and play-pod with the older boys and girls from our school.

Miss Cunningham has been trying to catch us out with our number skills this week – no chance! We have had lots of fun showing her what we know.

We started PE with Montague Academy this week, we loved running around and moving in different ways in the hall. We will be developing our independence getting dressed over the next few weeks – could we please practise this at home to help?

Next week we will be SO busy again, more sounds to learn and areas to explore! We can hardly wait!

A few notes from our teachers…

Please look at the letters and sounds book with your child over the weekend and next week – repetition is key when learning phonics.

Please continue to read with your little one at home, these wordless books are invaluable for early comprehension skills. We will begin reading 1:1 with children next week in the classroom too.

Please make sure all jumpers and cardigans are named so we can make sure they come home with the right child.

We will begin Forest School next week so if wellies aren’t already in school please can they be next week.

As always, any questions please come and see a member of the team!

Have a lovely and restful weekend.