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 Friday 1st December 2023

Happy 1st of December- the Christmas Countdown has officially begun!

We were welcomed into school today with our very own class elves- how exciting! They left us a little note and an advent calendar and said to keep an eye out for them having fun around our classes from now until Christmas!

This week has been another busy week with lots of Christmas cheer. We have had our final practise for our Christmas Nativity and we cannot wait to show you all on Monday!

We have been busy making our own story maps of the Christmas Nativity story- drawing pictures from each part of the story and writing a few key words.

In Maths we have continued to find 1 more or less than a given number using things like number lines to help us. We are getting much more confident at this.

We have also been exploring toys from the past and toys we have now. We have been finding out how old toys are different and similar to toys we have now. We did a little toy sorting activity and using our super handwriting, we labelled some of the toys too.

This lovely week has ended with an AMAZING whole school Panto- what a Friday treat! We’re starting to get into the festive groove and are looking forward to more festive fun next week. I wonder what our elves will get up to in our classes over the weekend?!

Have a lovely weekend,

The EYFS Team

24th November 2023

What a wonderful week in Reception!

We have learnt 4 new sounds this week- th, sh, ng and nk. The children are getting fab at using their phonic knowledge to segment to spell three and even four letter words! They have done some brilliant word writing this week- well done Reception.

 In Maths we have continued to learn about 1 more and less than a given number. The children have been using their fingers and numbers lines to help them do this. We just need to remember to jump UP the number line for 1 more and DOWN the number line for 1 less- we will have lots of practice next week too.

 We are already feeling very festive with all our Nativity practice but we have also been learning about the story of Christmas and why it is important to some people. We had a go at ordering pictures from the story to see if we could remember what happened next.

 As always, we had SO much fun with our sports coach on Thursday- practising our throwing and catching skills. We also had a go at bouncing the ball with one hand whilst walking around. We finished off the session with a few ball games and a big drink of water!

 Have a lovely weekend,

 The EYFS Team

10th November 2023

Happy first week of Autumn 2!

We all had lots of fun over the half term break but we are glad to be back at school to see our friends. We really enjoyed using the Padlet to share what we got up to!

This week we have started to learn phase 3 sounds in phonics. We now know j, v , w and x! In phase 3 we also learn lots of new diagraphs and even some trigraphs (three letters that make one sound!) Our teachers have been reading with us lots and are so impressed with how far we have come along already. We are also now segmenting CVC/CVCC words and writing these independently – wow!

In RE we learnt all about what makes a birthday special. We will be using this to explore why Christians celebrate Christmas and we will also learn all about the Nativity story.

In collective worship we learnt all about why we wear poppies and why the 11th November is such a special day to remember for many people.

In maths we have been exploring more, and we had a go at finding 1 more using lots of different resources!

We have also been practicing out Nativity songs!

See you next week for more fun learning!

20th October 2023

What a brilliant week we have had in Reception!

We have explored the composition of 4 and 5, using different maths resources to support our learning.

In phonics we have learnt the ‘ss’ diagraph as well as reviewing all of the sounds we already know and using these to blend and segment. Our teachers are so proud of how much we have learnt already!

We were super lucky this week because some of the Y5s came to help us experiment with our 5 senses! We completed lots of fun activities including tasting different flavour yoghurts, having a go on an obstacle course without our sight and exploring different textures using a feel bag. It was LOTS of fun!

On Friday we learnt our last learning power (Zooma says let’s get creative) by creating different things out of recycling. We made some fab things and even tidied up beautifully afterwards.

3 days to go!

13th October 2023


We have all had another fantastic week of learning! We have learnt new sounds in phonics (ck, e, u, r), practiced using our sounds to read and write and learnt all about some new numbers in maths (2 & 3). We even know a really grown up word now… ‘Digraph!’ Ask us what this is because will definitely be able to tell you!

This week has been Harvest Festival and we all had lots of fun exploring what this means. We learnt that our food comes from lots of different places and that harvest means to collect! We also know that during Harvest Festival we collect lots of food and give to those that find it difficult to get this themselves. We had a go at drawing lots of different vegetables, we painted vegetable people by printing AND we practiced our fine motor skills whilst pouring/tipping and using tweezers in a harvest themed tough tray.

Ready for a restful weekend we think!

6th October 2023

WOW what a busy week! The children are really starting to get into the swing of things now- remembering our daily routines, listening ears, super sitting and it has been wonderful to watch lots of new friendships blossom.

This week in phonics we have learnt 4 more sounds- g, o, c and k. We are trying super hard with our blending to read and we’ve even had a try at segmenting to spell in our play this week.

In maths we have been focusing on the numerals 0 and 1. We have been practising our counting- making sure that we’re touching each object as we count. We have then had another practise at matching numbers to the amount we have counted.

In circle time this week we thought about what makes a good friend. We wrote down all our ideas and told some of our friends why we enjoy spending time with them.

We have learnt a new class power! Chase tells us to use our ‘cool concentration’. To practise our concentrating skills, we worked with some friends to build a tower and make it tall but also strong. We have been getting better and better at this class power as we use it a lot in our maths and phonics learning too.

Today RB had THE BEST time in forest school- what a treat for a Friday! We met Sophie our Forest School leader who played lots of games with us, helped us cook marshmallows and we had so much fun playing in the mud kitchen and exploring.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend,

The EYFS Team

29th September 2023

Happy Friday! We have had another super week full of fun and learning in Reception.

This week we have been learning the sounds ‘i’, ‘m’, ‘n’ and ‘d’ and we can now use the sounds we know to blend to read CVC words (can you believe we are reading already?!) To help us to do this we know to find the sound buttons in words and use our robot arms.

We went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds on Tuesday and Wednesday and we looked for lots of signs that Autumn is arriving. We made journey sticks by collecting fallen leaves etc. and sticking them on some carboard.

On Thursday we had PE with Lee which was LOTS of fun. He taught us how to hold a rugby ball and we played some games where we had to move in lots of different ways.

In RE we looked at our core text, Owl Babies, and we spoke about how all the characters in the story are special in their own way. Next week we will be exploring what makes us special.

On Friday RA went into Forest School for the first time and it was SO MUCH FUN. We made mud pies, looked for signs of wildlife and our Forest School teacher played some games with us too. Next Friday it will be RB’s turn.

Have a super weekend!

22nd September 2023

WE DID IT! A full week at school! We are again, super proud of all the children and how brilliant they have been this week. We have packed in lots of fun learning, started some new routines and have been wearing big smiles all week.

This week the children have started phonics and we have learnt the sounds- s, a, t and p. We have been practising writing these letters in paint, glitter and sand; making sure we say the little rhyme that helps us remember how to form each letter correctly. We have also been learning how to hold our pencil correctly- our teachers are super impressed!

In maths we have carried on singing our counting songs, as well as practising counting forwards and backwards.

Our focus text for the term is ‘Owl Babies’. We have shared the story together and acted out the story using little owl puppets. We talked about who is in the owl family and how all families are different. We told our friends who is special to us and who is in our family. Then, throughout the week, we have been drawing pictures of our family and people who are special to us.

This week was our first attempt at getting changed for PE and we were brilliant! We had lots of fun in the hall playing games, practising some throwing and catching and making sure we warm up and cool down properly. We have also done a bit of Yoga this week! We introduced one of our class powers ‘have a go’, so we decided to try our best at some Yoga positions. We were fab at having a go at these and there were a few giggles on the way too!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

See you all on Monday,

The EYFS Team

15th September 2023

Wow! What a fantastic first week in Reception we have had. We have had so much fun exploring our new classroom, making friends and learning the class and school expectations. Our teachers are SO proud of how well we have settled and we cannot wait for more next week!

This week we learnt where all of our things go in the classroom, we met our PE coach for the first time (Lee) and he played lots of fun games with us. We went for a walk around the school and met lots of the other teachers and we even had time to learn some counting songs.

Have a restful weekend,

The Reception Team